STX Desktop: Payroll for Aatrix

Process Payroll in STX

To use the Aatrix payroll program to obtain the Net Pay, begin by processing the payroll in STX as you normally would. You will then create an export file that the Aatrix program can read to automatically obtain the Net Pay (after taxes and other payroll deductions have been made) for each employee just processed in STX.

For more information on processing payroll in STX, please see the Process Payroll chapter in the STX Manual.

Export Gross Pay for Aatrix 

Click the Export for Aatrix button. The following drop-down sheet will appear.

The name in the Save As field will automatically be filled in with the ending date of the payroll you just processed. You can change or edit the name if you wish. 

Choose the location from the Where popup menu for where the export file will be created. Click Cancel to return to the Process Payroll screen. Click Save to save the export file in the desired location.

Important note: Remember this location, because you will need to find this file when you run your payroll application to import the information.

The exported payroll file will appear in the location chosen above. The name contains the year, month, and payroll period ending date. This is the file used when importing the payroll information into Aatrix

Import Gross Pay into Aatrix

Aatrix is a stand-alone payroll program. Aatrix can import employee's gross pay amounts exported from STX to automate your payroll processing. Aatrix is designed to help you with Federal and State Withholding and other tax related deductions.

Important Information

Aatrix must be purchased separately from the STX program.

The first and last names of employees in STX and Aatrix MUST be identical for the import to work correctly. 

For information regarding the importing process into Aatrix, please refer to the Aatrix documentation or contact the company directly.

Please Note: Support problems concerning the Aatrix application must be directed to Aatrix Support. STX Technicians will not be able to help you with importing into the Aatrix application or troubleshooting problems within the Aatrix application itself. To contact Aatrix, please call 701.746.6017 for technical support.

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