STX Desktop: Employee Corner

Employee Corner Setup & Use

To use Employee Corner you will need the online services link found on the bottom left corner of the Setup: General: Online tab.

An example of that link format is:

To access Employee Corner you will need to add ec.html to the link. 

An example of that link format is:

Enter this link as the URL in your web browser. We recommend you bookmark this page for future use. The login window will appear.

Use the same login you use to login to STX.

Only employees will be able to log into the Employee Corner.   

Because the OWNER password is not related to a specific employee, the OWNER password will not work.

The Employee Corner appointment calendar for the logged in employee will load.

Use the left and right arrows in the header to either move backward or forward one day at a time.

Click on Today under the date to return to “today”.

Depending on the logged in employee’s security settings in STX, they will either be able to view all days, or only yesterday, today, and the next 2 days. 

STX Employee Security

If employees don’t have security to log into STX, you will need to create a password and minimal permissions to access Employee Corner. 

Go to the Setup: Employees: Security tab and select the employee from the list at the left. 

Note: If you use the STX Biometric Security module to login using fingerprints, you must select the Can Use Password With Fingerprint On File permission and click Save prior to creating a password. 

Click the Change Password button to set up a password for the selected employee. 

Enter the password twice and click Change to accept the password. Passwords must be eight characters long and contain a mix of letters and at least one non-alphabetic character.

The Can Access Employee Corner permission must be selected in order for an employee to access the Employee Corner. The Can View All Days permission should be selected if the employee is allowed to view all days in Employee Corner.

Click Save to save the changes to the employee security. The employee is now ready to start using Employee Corner.

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