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Renew License Key

Renewing an Expiring License Key

An STX License Key will expire once a year, or once a quarter if you are leasing the software. If you need to renew your license, either because your existing one has expired or you have changed to a different server computer, the process for renewing the new license is quite simple.

This license information is used by and entered only on the STX Server, or stand-alone computer. This information is never entered or used by the workstation (client) computers. If you are making changes to the registration information, you must first Quit STX on each workstation (client) computer and make changes on the STX Server computer. Once all changes are made, you may launch STX on the workstation (client) computers again.

Renewing a License Key 

Launch STX to Log In. If the license key is about to expire, an alert will appear in RED text with a countdown of how many days until expiration.  

After logging in, the log in screen will appear.

Click OK to begin using STX without renewing the license. Click Renew / Enter License… to renew the license.

The following Registration screen will appear, which can also be accessed by going to the STX menu and selecting the Registration menu option.

Renewing Online

Click Renew / Upgrade Online… to automatically renew the license. 

You must have an Internet connection to renew a license online.  

Once the new license key has been updated, click Apply

Click Cancel to begin using STX without renewing the license.

If you are currently using a license which cannot be renewed online, the following alert will appear when clicking Renew / Upgrade Online…

Follow the instructions on the alert and then click OK.

Once you receive your renewed license, you will need to enter the license information manually. 

Renewing Manually

If you are unable to renew the license online, you will need to enter the new license information manually. Go to the Registration screen, either by clicking Renew / Enter License when logging into STX, or by going to the STX menu and selecting the Registration menu option.

You must enter the Company name and License Key exactly as they appear on the new license you have received. 

Click Apply

If the Invalid License sheet appears, the information entered does not describe a valid license key. 

Click OK. Verify you have entered the Company name and License Key correctly. Click Apply again. 

If the License Could Not Be Set sheet appears, the license is not being entered on the correct computer, or the Host ID on the license key is incorrect.

Click OK. Verify the Host ID number on the license is the same as the Ethernet (Host) ID of the Server (or stand-alone) computer where you are attempting to enter the license.

The terms Host ID, Ethernet ID, and/or Mac Address refer to the same number in which the STX License Key is based.

If all information is entered correctly, the Thank You sheet will appear.

Click OK

Finding the Ethernet ID (Mac Address) to request a new license

Pull down the Apple menu to About This Mac.

Click More Info…

On the left column under Contents, select Network and then highlight Locations.

On the right side at the top, highlight the Automatic Location Name.

In the right bottom area, scroll down and look for the Ethernet section. 

This is the number needed for a new license key. 

Record the Hardware (MAC) Address. Quit System Profiler.

Phone STX Software at 800.766.4778 to request your key.

Note: This address is unique to your server computer and must be recorded exactly as shown, 6 pairs of numbers and lower case letters separated by colons.

The Ethernet ID can change if you get a new server or have any work performed on your existing server. If you have to take your existing server in for repair, please be sure to verify the Ethernet ID and report any changes in the number to STX Software. We will generate a new license based on the different Ethernet ID as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concerning Entering a New License

Q: I am trying to Apply the license after I have entered it and it still says it is invalid. 

A: Verify the Key and the Company Name. If they are not exactly as shown on the license, it will not be accepted.

Q: I am trying to Apply the license after I have entered it and it still says it is intended for a different machine.

A: If you are sure you are entering the license on the STX Server computer, contact STX Software Technical Support at 800.766.4778 to request a new license with the correct Host ID. Otherwise, you will need to enter the license on the actual STX Server computer.

Q: I am trying to log in after entering the new license and it says Incorrect Employee Name or Password.

A: Make sure you are typing the Employee ID and password correctly and that Caps Lock is not on.

Passwords are case sensitive.

If the Caps Lock is turned on, you will see a symbol to the right in the Password field. Remove the password you just typed, turn off Caps Lock, and the symbol will no longer show. Re-type the password and click Log In

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