STX Desktop: New License Key

New License Key

Entering A New License Key For The First Time

If you are a new user and have just installed STX, you will be asked to enter your License Key upon first launch of the program. 

You should have been sent a license key.

Click Enter License.

You must enter the Company Name and License Key exactly as it appears on the license. If you received the new license via email, simply copy/paste the information into the appropriate fields.

If you are renewing your existing license, click Renew / Upgrade Online… to have the renewed license downloaded and entered for you. NOTE: If you are entering a quarterly license, you will not be able to renew the license online. Only annual licenses may be renewed online.

Click Apply once the license key has been entered.

If this alert appears, click OK. Verify you have entered the Company Name and Key correctly.

Click Apply again. If all information was entered correctly, the following screen should appear.

Click OK. You should now get the STX Log In screen.

The default Employee ID and Password can be found in the email you received with your new STX License Key.

If you still have your Caps Lock on from when you entered the license, you will see the gray "arrow" pointing up in the right hand side of the Password field. 

The gray "arrow" pointing up indicates the Caps Lock is still on. The Password is case sensitive, so you must turn off Caps Lock when typing the Password. The Employee ID will always show in capital letters, regardless of typing in lower case or not. If you see the Caps Lock symbol in the Password field, turn off Caps Lock and retype the Password

Click Log In to continue using STX. Click Quit to cancel the log in process and return to the Finder

If the Employee ID and/or Password were entered incorrectly, an alert will appear.

Retype the Employee ID and/or Password and click Log In to continue using STX. Click Quit to cancel the log in process and return to the Finder

Changing OWNER Password

It is highly recommended you change the OWNER password after logging into STX for the first time. 

Go under the Setup menu and choose the Change Owner Password menu option.

Type the Old Password (which was the default password), the New Password, and the New Password (verify), which means to type it again to verify. Click Change Password

PLEASE NOTE: If you forget what the new password is, STX Software has no record of it and will have to reset it back to the default password for you. This requires sending us your data after closing for the day. 

We reset the password back to the default password and return the data to you prior to opening the next morning. There is a fee of $75 for resetting the password, so please don't forget your new OWNER password.

Click Cancel to discard the changes made. 

Click Enroll Fingerprint if you have purchased the Biometric Security module. For more information about the Biometric Security module, please contact the Sales department by calling 800.766.4778. 

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