STX Desktop: Custom Gift Templates

Creating Custom Gift Templates 

Creating A Background Image

Any custom gift certificate should use an image dimension that is within 612x261 pixels (8.5 x 4 inches) so that it will display and print correctly. If an existing certificate has an image that exceeds these limits, then it will be necessary to create a new template in STX with a resized version of the image. It is a good idea to have a background image to include your name and address or your company logo so the receiver of the gift certificate will know where it came from and where it can be used.

You can create a gift certificate background image in any graphic or drawing application. NOTE: If you find you need help creating the background images, please contact the manufacturer of the program you are using. If you are using Microsoft Word to create the background image, you can take a screen shot of the final image by using the keyboard command of Command (Apple) - Shift - 4. 

Once the screen shot is taken, you will find it on your desktop. 

Be sure to rename the screen shot something appropriate for future use. Screen shots are automatically formatted in the necessary RGB format. 

STX allows you to add different fields to the template. It is a good idea to have some 'field labels' included on your image so that when you add the different fields, you will know what the information contained in the fields is pertaining to. 

Importing Background Images into STX

Once you have your background image created, go to STX to Setup: General: Gift Templates

Click New to create a new gift template.  

Search for the background image you created. 

Click Open.

Name the background image. Once the image is in place, you can add the necessary fields to the image. 

Using the Add Field popup menu, select which field to add to the background image. 

Drag the field and place it on top of the appropriate field label. 

Use the resizing squares to make the field fit perfectly into the area.

Save the new gift template. 

Online Gift Certificates

If you are using the Online Booking system, check the Available Online box for the new gift template to show online. 

Not all gift certificates can be used with the online booking system. The typical problem is that the image is not an RGB image, the image is too large, or the fields haven’t been added to the background image. 

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