STX Desktop: Import Postal Codes

Your Postal Code List

If you have a list of postal codes that you need to load into STX, you can import any comma-separated file (CSV) that contains suitable information. STX will add all of the postal codes that it can read. You may import postal codes even if you already have existing postal codes and they will not be duplicated.

Your file must have a header row that has an appropriate title (case sensitive) for each column. At a minimum, your file must contain the following 3 columns: postalCode, city and state. If your file has additional columns, title them as skip and they will be ignored

An Example of a Properly Formatted CSV File

“postalCode”, “city”, “state”
“T0A 0A0”, “Abee”, “AB”
“T0A 0B0”, “Ardmore”, “AB”

Please note that this file contains the 3 required columns, has data in the postalCode, city and state columns. All column headers are spelled correctly, are case sensitive and include no spaces.

The postal code list you have to import may be in another format such as tab delimited text or Excel. You will need to reformat the data and save as a comma-separated text file (CSV) before attempting to import. Excel is the best application to add and/or edit column headers and perform any necessary cleaning up of your postal code data.

Importing Postal Codes into STX

In STX, go to Setup: General:  Postal Codes and click Import.

Navigate to and select the csv file you wish to import.

If the postal codes are processed without error, click Import. When this process is complete, your additional postal codes will appear in STX.

If you require further assistance, please contact the STX Support team at 800.766.4778, or by emailing

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