STX Desktop: Import Clients into STX v245 and Above

Your Client List

If you have a list of clients that you need to load into STX, you can import any comma-separated file (CSV) that contains suitable information. STX will add all of the clients that it can read. You may import clients even if you already have existing clients, however, duplicate clients will be imported along with new clients.

Your file must have a header row that has an appropriate title (case sensitive) for each column. At a minimum, your file must contain the following 3 columns: firstName, lastName and gender. Additional optional columns are included in the list below. If your file has columns not allowed, title them as skip and they will be ignored. Columns with incorrect titles will also be ignored.

Columns that May be imported (Header Row Names are case sensitive):

First Name firstName Required

Middle Name middleName

Last Name lastName Required

Address Line 1 addressLine1

Address Line 2 addressLine2

City city *

State/Province state *

Postal Code postalCode *

Gender gender Required **

Email Address emailAddress

Drivers License driversLicense

Evening Phone Number eveningPhone

Daytime Phone Number daytimePhone

Cellular Phone Number cellPhone

Other Phone 1 Name otherPhoneName

Other Phone 1 Number otherPhone

Other Phone 2 Name otherPhoneName2

Other Phone 2 Number otherPhone2

Emergency Contact Name emergencyContactName

Emergency Contact Phone emergencyContactPhone

Birth Date birthDate

Client Profile Notes clientProfile

General Notes generalNotes

Booking Profile Notes bookingProfile

Other Profile Name otherProfileName

Other Profile Notes otherProfile

Member ID membershipID

House Charge Balance houseAccountBalance

The following 2 columns are required and you must have data in at least one of them for each client. It is OK to leave one of them empty, but not both.

First Name firstName Required

Last Name lastName Required

* If a row has data in either or both city or state, the postalCode is required.

City city *

State/Province state *

Postal Code postalCode *

The following column is required. **

The only accepted values are “M” or “Male” for males and “F” or “Female” for females.

Gender gender Required **


An Example of a Properly Formatted CSV File

Please note that this file contains the 3 required columns, has data in the city, state and postal code columns (or they are all empty), includes a first visit date column that is titled skip and has values of “F” and “M” in the gender column. All column headers are spelled correctly, are case sensitive and include no spaces.

The client list you have to import may be in another format such as Address Book, Outlook, tab delimited text or Excel. You will need to reformat the data and save as a comma-separated text file (CSV) before attempting to import. Excel is the best application to do this reformatting, add and/or edit column headers and perform any necessary cleaning up of your client data.

Importing Clients into STX

  1. Open Client: Client Cards and click Import Clients.

  2. Navigate to and select the csv file.

  3. If the clients are processed without error, click Import. Your clients are in STX.

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