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Resubscribe Email

When a Client Accidentally Unsubscribes from Online Mailings

Occasionally, a client will accidentally click the Unsubscribe link in your online mailing. If the client calls and asks to be put on the mailing list again, you should make sure the client accidentally unsubscribed and wishes to continue receiving the online mailings by requiring them to submit their request in writing. 

If you undo the unsubscribe without the client's permission, you will be breaking the CAN-SPAM Act with the client. Continuing to send online mailings to a client who unsubscribed could subject you to penalties of up to $16,000 per email. Requiring the client to submit in writing their desire to continue receiving your online mailings gives you hardcopy proof they wanted you to undo the unsubscribe. 

The process of undoing the unsubscribe is really quite simple. When a client unsubscribes, the system automatically flags the client card with a 'hidden' flag called Do Not Send Marketing Emails. We keep this flag hidden to respect the client's wish for privacy. To re-subscribe a client to the marketing emails, you will need to activate the 'hidden' flag so you can then remove it from the client's card. 

Go to Setup: Marketing: Client Flags and check the Show Inactive box.

 Check the flag Do Not Send Marketing Emails to make it active again, save and close the window. 

 On the client card, go to the Marketing tab and uncheck the Do Not Send Marketing Emails flag. Save and close the client card. 

 Go back to Setup: Marketing: Client Flags to make the flag inactive again by unchecking the Active box. Save and close the window.

Again, we keep the Do Not Send Marketing Emails flag hidden to respect the client's privacy. It is required you make the flag inactive after removing it from a client card.

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