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Email Export

Exporting Client Email Addresses

STX has the ability to export email addresses from the Client file. Once those addresses are exported, STX has nothing else to do with getting the addresses into the actual email you wish to send. Because there are so many different variables to consider when sending emails from so many different types of email accounts, there is no way for STX to actually generate the email for you. Thus, we give you a way to export the email addresses to either import, or copy/paste into your email to send.

If you are subscribing to Online Services, it is not necessary to export client email addresses. Online Services has the ability to send mass email marketing campaigns directly through the program. For more information about Online Services or to become a subscriber, please contact the Sales Department at 800.766.4778 or by emailing

Go to Client: Client Marketing.

Click the New Set icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Name the set something like Client Emails. The Frequency can be whatever you choose. In this example, it is set to On Request since there are no specific times this marketing set has to be generated.

Since you need only email addresses, be sure the Include clients with missing postal codes checkbox is checked.

Click the New Filter icon in the toolbar across the top of the screen.

Select the Email Address filter from the Filters popup menu. Set the Has Email Address to Include Valid

Click the Save icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Go to the Output Settings tab. Select Comma Separated Values from the Type popup menu. 

Click the New Column icon in the toolbar across the top of the screen.

Select Email Address from the Column popup menu. 

Click the Save icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

To view the clients matching the filter criteria you have established, go to the Matching Clients tab. If you wish to eliminate one or more clients from being included in the export, uncheck the Include checkbox. Double-click on a client name to automatically open the Client Card for the desired client.  

When you are ready to export the desired email addresses, click the Generate icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The following Save dialog box will appear. 

NOTE: The Generate icon will not be activated until the current changes have been saved. Click the Save icon to save any changes, then click the Generate icon.

Before clicking the Save button, you may change the Save As: name to something indicating what information the file contains. In this example, it is named Client Emails followed by the date. 

Use the Where: popup menu to choose where the export file will be saved. Saving to the Desktop makes it easier to find the file later. Once the desired information is established, click the Save button.

Find the saved export file on the desktop and double-click to open it. You should see something similar to the following. 

This is a list of all the email addresses found in the client file. Here is one option for getting those addresses into your email to send.

• Highlight all email addresses

• Go to the Edit menu to Copy

• Open the email you wish to send to your clients

• Put your own email address in the To address field

• Click the cursor in the To, CC, or BCC address field

• Go to the Edit menu to Paste

By choosing the BCC address field to paste the client emails to, you will prevent all of the email addresses from showing on the emails. You will be protecting the privacy of your clients. This may also be accomplished by a preference setting in some email applications.

You will need to find out from your email provider (AOL, .Mac, Earthlink, etc.) how many emails you can send at one time. They may also have a way of importing the email list directly into the different address fields so you won’t have to go through the Copy/Paste steps above.

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