STX Desktop: Merge Clients

Merge Clients

Merging Client Cards Together

The feature of Merging Client cards in STX is a way of combining two (or more) client cards into one, eliminating any duplicates from the file. This feature is password protected, so you should make sure the staff members doing the merging have it activated in his/her employee security settings. 

Go to Setup: Employees: Security and highlight the employee you wish to give the Merge Client access to.

Click the ‘triangle’ down next to Client and again next to Client Card. Check the option for Can Merge Clients. Once all desired employees have been set, Save and Close the Employee Setup window.

Merging Client Cards

Go to Client: Client Cards and type the name of the client you wish to KEEP in the records. Double-click the client name to open the client card.

Click the Merge Client icon in the upper left corner. The following screen will appear.

Highlight the name of the client you wish to merge INTO the client card you already have open, then click the Merge button. 

If the client you are trying to merge has any contact information, you will be asked which information you would like to keep once both cards have been merged.

You must choose on option for each Field to keep. Once all choices have been made, click the Merge button. All information has now been merged into the client card you had open to begin with. 

Click Save and close the window.

If you have the same client listed in your file more than twice, you will follow the same process for each time the client is listed, and for how many other records you need to merge with this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am entering a new client and it says there are duplicate names. I click Show Possible Duplicates. Once the duplicate record appears, I hit Merge Clients. Now all of my clients have the same name. What do I do now?

A: You never want to merge a new, unsaved client record with an existing client card. You should first save the new client record and then merge if it is still needed. 

To fix the problem with all clients being named the same, quit STX, restart the computer, and log back into STX. This clears the STX Client cache, bringing your data back to normal.

Q: I accidentally merged the client card with itself, not realizing that I did not pick a different client name to merge into the record I already had open. Now I can't make an appointment for this client.

A: Quit STX, restart the computer, and log back into STX. This clears the STX Client cache, bringing your data back to normal.