STX Desktop: Waiting List

Adding Appointments to the Waiting List

To add an appointment request to the Waiting List you must use the Appointment Builder.

Once you have searched for available dates and times and the client cannot come during any of those openings, click the Add to Waiting List button at the bottom of the search results and the appointment request will be added to the Waiting List

The Appointment Builder window will go away once the Add to Waiting List button is clicked.

The Waiting List will show the appointment request you just added. 

To see the details of the appointment request, open the Waiting List and highlight the Client name. 

You can add an appointment note in the Notes field, edit an appointment note already present, Remove the appointment request from the Waiting List, or you can choose to Book the appointment. 

The clients listed in RED indicate the appointment request has expired. You can choose to Remove the client from the Waiting List or re-add them after clicking Book… and updating the waiting list through the Appointment Builder.

You can view an individual employee's appointment requests by highlighting the employee name in the Requested Employees area. To go back to all employees, click the Any Employee button.

To book an appointment from the Waiting List, highlight the Client name and click the Book… button. 

The Appointment Builder screen will open with the information about the appointment request already filled in. Click Start Searching, find the date and time the client wishes to come in, then click Book Appointment. The appointment request will be removed from the Waiting List.

If the search results are still not satisfactory for the client, simply close the Appointment Builder screen and the appointment request will remain on the Waiting List untouched.

If you want to re-add an expired request back into the Waiting List, change the Limit Search Calendar to a different "starting" date and click Start Searching. If you still do not see anything to fit the client's needs, click Update Waiting List and the client will be re-added with a new expiration date.

It is recommended to keep the Waiting List minimized in the Dock. This allows easy access to the Waiting List if a client cancels his/her appointment and you wish to fill that spot with a client from the Waiting List.

The Waiting List only opens automatically when an appointment is canceled by doing the following to cancel a single service appointment:

• Click one time on the appointment being canceled

• On the keyboard, hold the Shift and Delete keys simultaneously

• Click Cancel Appointment to cancel the single service appointment

• Click Cancel to keep the appointment untouched

The appointment will be tracked as canceled on the client card and the Waiting List will automatically appear for you.

Note: The above does not apply to appointments where the client is receiving multiple services. 

Important: The employee must have security access to Can Delete Appointments in order for the Waiting List to automatically appear after clicking to cancel the appointment.

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