STX Desktop: USB Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer

USB Cash Drawer/Receipt Printer

Connecting and Setup

If you have a USB Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer or a combination of the two, installation and setup is a simple process.

Simply plug the cash drawer / receipt printer USB cable into an available USB port on your computer or into a USB self-powered hub. There will not be a power cable with the cash drawer, as it will draw power from either the computer itself or from the USB self-powered hub. The receipt printer will have its own power cord and must be plugged in.

If you have a combination cash drawer and receipt printer, the cash drawer will plug into the receipt printer and the receipt printer will then plug into the computer (or USB self-powered hub) via the USB cable.

Cash Drawer Setup

To configure STX to use the cash drawer, start STX and log in as the OWNER.

Go to Setup: General: Cash Drawer.

NOTE: If you already have a cash drawer configured for "this" computer, it will be listed in bold print. You will not need to create a new drawer, but instead highlight the drawer in the list and click the Detach from this host button that will appear at the bottom of the screen. Follow the steps below for clicking Configure for this host.

To create a new cash drawer, click the New drawer icon in the upper left corner of the screen. 

Name the new cash drawer something to reflect which computer the drawer is connected to, maybe something like Spa Desk.

Click Configure for this host and the following sheet will appear. 

Select the option for how the cash drawer is connected to the computer. If it is directly connected to the computer via USB hub or through the Receipt Printer, you will choose the USB option and click OK. Save and close the window.

If you want to make sure the drawer is being recognized, go to About this Mac under the Apple menu and click More Info.  

The device shows up as an HID (Human Interface Device) under the USB Bus section on the System Profile. The Vendor Name and Product ID will both show when you highlight the HID under the USB Bus Information.

Receipt Printer Setup

You must install the driver that came with the receipt printer before configuring STX. This driver may be included on the STX CD in the Third Party Software folder. If you cannot find the driver in there, you can download the driver by going to and click on Download Drivers. You will choose the appropriate driver for the Mac OS X and the model of your receipt printer. There are no drivers to install for cash drawers.

Go to the STX menu and select the Preferences option. Click the Receipts tab.

Use the Receipt Printer: popup menu to select the receipt printer. Close the STX Preferences screen. You are now ready to enter transactions and have the receipts printed to the Receipt Printer.

Printing Options

There are a few other options for you to customize the way the receipts are printed.

Receipt Font

To change the font of the text printed on the receipt, click Select…

Choose the font you wish to use for the receipts and close the Fonts list window. The selected font will appear in the STX Preferences screen. 

Be sure to restrict yourself to fixed width fonts such as Courier, Courier New, or Andale Mono, or the receipt will not display properly. Additionally, since the receipts are scaled to fit the paper in the receipt printer, changing the font size will have no impact on the output.

Receipt Options

Check Include Discount Details on Receipts to show the discount information for each item sold on the printed receipt.

Check Include Discount Summary on Receipts to show the summary of total discounts on the receipt.

Cash Drawer / Receipt Printer Process

When entering tickets with the Cash Drawer / Receipt Printer:

- Click Payment Type

- Click Save

- Drawer opens

- Make sure the RECEIPT box is checked

- Close the ticket

- Receipt prints

If the cash drawer does not open when expected, or the receipt printer does not print, there are a few things that should be looked at to troubleshoot. 

  1. Make sure the Receipt Printer is on and has paper.

  2. Make sure the Cash Drawer is closed before entering the transaction.

  3. You may need to re-configure the Cash Drawer and/or Receipt Printer settings as described above.

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