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Barcode Scanner

Connecting and Using a Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner is an extension of your keyboard and is what we refer to as "plug-and-play". Barcode scanners simply take the place of your fingers typing on the keyboard. It does not require the installation of any software and is ready to use once you have it connected to your computer. 

STX works with barcode scanners when setting up your products in Setup: Products, creating Purchase Orders, entering product sales on Transactions and selling Gift Cards. You may use the barcode scanner any place within STX where you would otherwise type in a Stock # for a product. When selling a Gift Card, you scan the barcode number on the back of the card.

Wired Barcode Scanner

When you receive your barcode scanner, make sure the cord for the scanner unit is plugged into the handle tightly and securely. Sometimes it might take some force, but once it snaps into place, you will know it is secure. 

The barcode scanner should be plugged into the computer itself or into a self-powered USB Hub. The barcode scanner will not draw enough power if it is plugged into the keyboard or into a USB Hub that does not have its own power source. You will know the barcode scanner is connected to the computer properly when you see the power light on and, when held over a sheet of paper, you see the scan beam.

Wireless Barcode Scanner

The wireless barcode scanner uses Bluetooth technology and has a range of up to 33 feet. When you receive your wireless barcode scanner, make sure the Charging Base Station is connected to a power source to begin charging the scanner device. Read and follow the instructions in the device’s documentation for more information. You will know the wireless barcode scanner is charged and being seen by the computer when you see the power light on and, when held over a sheet of paper, you see the scan beam.

Testing the Barcode Scanner

Once either type of barcode scanner is properly connected and turned on, you will want to test it to make sure it is scanning properly prior to using it with STX.

1. Go to Hard Drive: Applications and launch TextEdit.

2. Choose any item you have that includes a barcode label (UPC Code) and scan that item. The numbers from the UPC Code should show up in the TextEdit document. 

3. If the numbers do not appear on the TextEdit document, check to see if the cable is secure and that there is enough power to the unit.  In some cases, your scanner may need to be reprogrammed to work with Mac OS X.  If this is the case, find the manual that came with the barcode scanner and search for programming the unit to work with Mac OS X. There should be some barcode lines in the manual that program the scanner to the proper operating system.

4. Continue testing the UPC Codes in TextEdit until you are successful in getting the numbers to appear on the TextEdit document. Keep in mind that if the numbers do not appear on the TextEdit document, they will not appear in STX.

If the scanner still does not work, it may need to be reconfigured within the computer. Keep the scanner plugged in and go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences

- Click the icon for Keyboard  & Mouse

- Click the option for Change Keyboard Type

- Press Continue

- Press the letter Z on the keyboard. 

- Click Skip

- Set the keyboard type to ANSI (US) and click Done.

Go back to TextEdit to test the scanner again. If the numbers appear on the TextEdit document, the scanner is working fine. If not, please contact Metrologic Technical Support by calling 866.633.3762, and let them know the scanner is not scanning anything into the TextEdit application.

NOTE: While STX Technical Support can help you with some of the basics of the barcode scanner, we are not support specialists for it. If you are encountering a problem with your scanner that we cannot resolve, we will refer you to the manufacturer for support.

Once you get your barcode scanner to read the UPC Codes in TextEdit, you are ready to use it with STX. The STX Manual (found on the STX CD) and/or the STXHelp section (found in Help: STXHelp) will guide you on the procedure for scanning your product UPC Codes into the database. You will also find information on creating your own barcode labels for products under the Purchase Order help topics.

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