STX Cloud: What's New: Version 1.6

 Release Notes v1.6

STX Cloud v1.6 is the most substantial update to the software since the initial launch.  Included in this release is a complete makeover to the client facing Online Booking pages, a new guest facing Client Consultation Form, an updated Standing Appointment interface with unlimited booking capabilities and a new Monthly Business Analysis report.  Additionally, we made a handful of enchanting enhancements, see below!

Client Consultation Form (New Feature) – Businesses can setup questions and checkboxes to appear on a guest facing Client Consultation Form.  Simply navigate to the form on an existing client card or new client card, and have the client complete the form.  Once saved, the staff can view the question and checkbox entries in the Consultation tab located on the Client Card.

To get started creating a Client Form:

  • Go to Setup> Client Preferences> Form Questions / Form Checkboxes tabs

  • Add questions for the client to answer or add checkboxes for the client to select from

  • On the Form Checkboxes tab, enter a message in the Client Save Message field to appear to the client once they have completed the form 

    • Client Save Message example: “Thank you!  Please return the tablet to the front desk station.”

How to use the Client Form:

  • Simply navigate to the Client Form by clicking Go To Client Form on any existing client card or a new client card on a tablet or computer

  • Present the client with the form on the device and ask them to complete the form

  • Upon save, the Client Save Message will appear and the completed form information will be updated to the Client Card in the Client Info, Client Profile and Consultation tabs.

Online Booking Pages (Complete Redesign & New Features) – All Online Booking & eGift website pages have been completely redesigned with an easy-to-use client interface and a modern universal appearance. 

Online Booking & eGift Experience Improvements:

  • All pages are now mobile friendly

  • Customize your Online Booking background color or image

  • Appointment Search results are shown per day, with the day & date noted

  • If no appointments are available, a message displays to search for another day

  • New client form includes fields for their address, gender & birthdate

  • New clients create their own Password, it is no longer system generated PIN

  • Clients can now manage their contact info, notification preferences & password 

  • If permitted, clients can cancel, modify or rebook  appointments from the online login

  • Service Description displays automatically on the search & booking confirmation pages

  • eGift selections are simplified regarding where to send and payment

  • eGift now issues a receipt to the purchasers email automatically

To select a color or upload a background image:

  • Go to Setup > Appointments & Emails > Online Booking Tab

  • Select Online Booking Background Color or Image

    • Select any Hex Color by clicking the color rectangle

      • Pro Tip:  The font/buttons are white, we recommend choosing a color that will contrast preferably not white or light pastels.  To test, click Save and visit the Online Booking Page URL above

    • Select an image by clicking ‘Choose File’

      • Pro Tip: Files must be less than 1 MB, the larger the file the slower the page operation.   

Monthly Business Record (New Report) – This report will benefit any business looking to track or view growth by comparing the current month to a previous month.

Go to Reports> Business Analysis Reports> Monthly Business Analysis

  • Select Report Dates & Options

  • Click Generate

  • Review Report 

Report includes a comparison or view of the Company or Workers performance in the following categories:

  • Total Sales

  • Service Sales

  • Product Sales

  • Selected Service Group Sales

  • Total Number of Tickets

  • Percent of Service Tickets with at least one Product

  • Average Service Amount per Service Ticket 

  • Productivity

  • Rebooked Appointments

  • Selected Product Line Sales

Standing Appointment (Enhancement) – The Standing Appointment feature in Appointment Book was upgraded to offer a date range, rather than a number of appointments for unlimited booking capabilities.  Additionally, users can book all or book only available appointment times.

To use Standing Appointment:

  • Go to Appointment Book

  • Click Standing 

  • Search & select a client or click + to add a new client

  • Select a Start Date and End Date

  • Select a Time

  • Book Every # of Weeks, Months or Days

  • Select a Worker / Service Combination

  • Add notes if necessary

  • Click Search

  • Results will appear to either Book All appointments or Book Available appointments

    • Select BOOK ALL to book all the appointments, even if the worker is unavailable.

    • Select BOOK AVAILABLE to book only the available appointment times

  • A pop up will appear after the selection with these options:

    • Send a List of Standing Appointments – Simply input or confirm an email address and click Send 

    • Go To Appointment Book, click the button to Go To the Appointment Book and the system will bypass sending a list of appointments and return the user to the Appointment Book

Book Out Time Notes (Enhancement) – The Book Out Time notes now appear on the calendar.

Ticket Detail View Ticket (Enhancement) – Users can right click and open the ticket in a new tab on the browser to toggle between the report and ticket views. 

Report Titles (Enhancement) – The Report Titles have been added to every report

Gift Balance Total (Enhancement) – The outstanding balance value of gift cards has been added to the Gift List report. 

Product Usage Report Total Amount (Enhancement) – The total value of product usage is now noted at the bottom of the report. 

Ticket Number on Receipts (Enhancement) – The Ticket Number is now noted on both the printed and emailed receipt.

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