STX Cloud: What's New: Version 1.5

Version 1.5

Username, Time Clock & Log Out  (New Feature)

STX Cloud users will now notice the currently logged in Username at the top of every page with links to go to the Time Clock page or Log Out of the software.  

Standing Appointments (Enhancement)

When a Standing Appointment is booked, a pop up will appear to email a list of the standing appointments to the client selected.  

By default, the pop up will show the client’s primary email and users will have the opportunity to enter a different email to send a list of the standing appointments to.  If the client doesn’t wish to have the list sent, simply click ‘Go to Appt Book’ button.  

Client Card: Service Notes (Enhancement)

In the Client Card, Services tab the note icon will be yellow if a note is present and white if a note is not present.  To add, edit or view a note; simply click the note icon.

Check Out List  (New Location)

The Check Out List is a page to view a list of open tickets, count the cash drawer, note cash in or out and perform a refund.  The Check Out List has been added to the Navigation Menu.  Simply click the three lines in the upper left and note that the Checkout List is available between Inventory and Checkout.

Appointment Detail  (New Look!)

STX Cloud users will see a new look on the Appointment Detail page by clicking on any appointment.  We condensed the information into one simple-to-see page that requires minimal scrolling, if not any at all

Find Appointment (New Look!)

STX Cloud users will see a new look when clicking ‘Find Appointment’ from the Appointment Book.  We streamlined the user experience to flow and upgraded the appearance of the selections.  

Message Board (Enhancement)

The Message Board is a user favorite for noting today’s promotions, front desk notes or general message keeping.  In this new version of STX Cloud, Message Board font will be lit in yellow if a message is present.  

Worker Detail: Service Tab (Enhancement)

When selecting the services the worker performs in store or online, we have upgraded this Worker Detail, Service Tab to simply have ‘Select All’ buttons for ease of use.  

Our team also added the button to ‘Apply Level’ which will show all the workers pricing for that level by default.  

If a user is to click the pencil to customize the service pricing, duration or other we have added a field to display the defaults of the previously selected level for reference.  

Setup Favorites (New Look!)

Within the STX Cloud Setup, in the Ticket Preferences area we have enhanced the Favorites tab to be identical to the look of the Checkout page.  

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