STX Cloud: What's New: Version 1.3

Release Notes v1.3

Setup Worker Details > Hours Tab (NEW!)

Worker Hours are now created in Setup> Setup Worker> Worker Details> Hours Tab.  Users will be able to add custom availability by days, weeks or months and allows for alternative options. 

Example:  Setup worker availability, worker days off or custom hours.  

Company Days Off (NEW!)

Company Days Off has replaced ‘Company Hours’ and are created in Setup> Setup Company> Setup Company Days Off.  

Example: The company is not open for business from December 25th to January 1st.

Setup Service Fee (NEW!) 

Service Fee is now available per service level by amount or percent in Setup Services.  The Service Fee can be applied in Setup Worker Compensation.

Example:  All Over Color’s Service Fee is $10 for level 1 and $12 for level 2 .  The service fee is to account for product charges to be deducted in Worker Compensation Methods.

Edit Completed Ticket (NEW!)

Users can now add cash tips, adjust tip allocations, edit workers assigned to a service, product or gift sale, adjust the ticket rating, print an 8.5 x 11 receipt all before midnight on the day of the ticket completion.  All adjustments after midnight or involving changing the product, service or amount will need to be processed as a refund to create a log of the changes.

Example: Apply change back as a tip and add tip for the shampoo person, or adjust the worker who received credit for selling a product. 

Book Out Time 

Book Out Time is now available as a pop up.  A few extra features have been added such as allowing book out for one, multiple or all employees.  Users can also make notes regarding the Book Out Time.  

Example:  All workers will be participating in a color class at 2 PM on Monday.  

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