STX Cloud: Add New Worker


Businesses will often go through the entire setup process for each setup page.

If you have already completed the full setup, this is a guide to add a new worker to the calendar.

For more detailed instructions, go to the full Setup Guide.

Worker Hours

  • Go to Setup > Setup Company > Company Hours
    • Create or verify appropriate worker hours related to an individual’s schedule are set up for In Store Appointments and Online Available Times.

Worker Services

  • Go to Setup > Setup Services > Services
    • Create or verify all services performed by this worker are set up.

Worker Permissions Sets

  • Go to Setup > Setup Worker > Setup Permissions
    • Create or verify worker permission consistent for this worker is set up.

Worker Compensation Methods

  • Go to Setup > Setup Worker > Setup Compensation Methods
    • Create or verify the payroll method needed for this worker is set up.

Add Worker

  • Go to Setup > Setup Workers > Worker Detail, Click Add New Worker
    • Worker Profile
      • Check Active Login if worker can login.
      • Complete Worker Profile Setup.
    • Services
      • Select Worker Hours for Schedule and/or Online Booking.
      • Book Appointments Every # minutes controls how often appointments are booked for this worker.
      • Select Service Group
        • Click Select All, or check individual services for Perform column, if worker provides this service.
        • Click Select All Online, or check individual services for Online column, if worker offers this service online.
        • Select Level to choose which service level applies and click Apply Level.
        • Customize Service Price, Duration or Service Fee by clicking on the individual service name.
        • Repeat steps for each Service Group that applies to this worker.
    • Other
      • Check Uses Time Clock if worker uses time clock. 
      • Check Allow Retail Sales if worker sells products.
      • Select Security Permission set.
      • Enter Hourly Wage (if applicable).
      • Enter Salary (if applicable).
      • Select Compensation Method
        • Click Save


Worker Preferences Extras

Businesses may benefit from adding the following features or permission options which go beyond the traditional worker setup.


Worker Profile Tab

  • Check Send Notification for Booked Appointment and the system will send a text message to the worker when an appointment is booked for them.
  • Check Send Notification for Canceled Appointment and the system will send a text message to the worker when an appointment is canceled on their calendar.


Worker Other Tab

  • Select Worker Role is a reference tool and will not change security permissions.
  • Check View Only My Appointments if worker cannot view other worker appointment books.
  • Check Hide Client Contact Info to remove contact information from worker view.
  • Check Can View Appt Values/ Check Out Totals to allow worker to view pricing information.
  • Setup Worker Merchant Information if the worker has a merchant account separate from the business. 


Worker FAQs

Q: What if the worker only sells retail and does not require a login or a column on the appointment book?

A: Active Login is unchecked, the Allow Retail Sales is checked on the Worker Other Tab and a payroll method of Retail Only is selected. This allows the business to credit a retail sale to a worker and report on their commission in payroll, however that person does not have a login or a column on the appointment book.


Q: What if the worker only tracks hours but does not need a login. Example: An assistant, or cleaning crew?  

A: Active Login is unchecked, the Uses Time Clock is checked, an Hourly Wage is entered, and a payroll method is assigned. With another worker logged in, this type of worker can clock in and clock out, but will not have an active login to the software, or a column on the appointment book. The business can report on this worker’s hours and compensation.


Q: What if a worker is terminated?

A:  Uncheck Active Login. This will remove the users ability to login to the software. Change Online Hours on Worker Services tab to –none--. Next, move or cancel all future appointments. Once the appointments are moved, change Schedule on Worker Services tab to –none--, and on the Other Tab, uncheck Allow Retail Sales & Uses Time Clock. Finally, change the Compensation Method to –None--.


Q: What if a worker starts in the future?

A: Worker Detail Start Date should be today’s date. In Company Hours, create items in the custom hours list for today, up until worker’s official booking date, with All Day Off. This allows workers to start booking future appointments immediately, but block off the available search calendar until the date the worker will actually be performing their first appointments.