STX Cloud: Setup Ticket Preferences

Setup Ticket Preferences

Point-of-sale (POS)

General Settings for tax and credit cards.

Sales Tax: Enter sales tax as an amount.

Retail Tax: Enter retail tax as an amount.

Merchant Account, Instore ID & Key: Integrated credit card processing credentials are entered in these fields to test and/or process credit cards.


POS Devices

Create and edit the POS devices within the software and assign to the currently connected device.

Cash Drawers: Each computer/mobile device running STX Cloud on a browser or mobile app for entering tickets is considered a register, and requires an associated cash drawer. Create a unique “cash drawer” name to associate with each of the business’s the devices or locations.

Credit Card Device: Select the type of equipment used to read credit cards for the current device from this page.

Cash Drawer: Assign to the current device a specific cash drawer from the drop down list created at the top of the page. 

Receipt Printer: Receipt printer entry is unique to hardware and device. Enter the following text based on the device type for the most common receipt printer types. Contact STX Support if additional assistance is required.

Apple: Star_TSP143__STR_T_001_

Windows 10: TSP100ECO



Identify the commonly added or walk-in purchases of services, retail or applied promotions. Selections entered show on the first tab of the Ticket screen.