STX Cloud: Setup Inventory

Setup Inventory

Setup Suppliers

Create and edit suppliers for each company the business orders products from with their detailed contact information.  The Supplier(s) will be assigned to products created later, and used to create purchase orders. Example: “Premier Beauty,” “Burmax Co.,” “SalonCentric.”


Setup Inventory Groups

Create and edit the types of inventory the business carries. Note if the products in this line are taxable.  Example: “Shampoo,” “Conditioner,” “Styling Aids,” “Lotion,” “Nail Polish.”


Setup Product Lines

Create and edit the companies and/or the product lines to later assign to products. Unique colors relating to the product line can also be assigned to identify them quickly during the checkout process. An example of a product line would be “Arrojo” with the color assignment as bright red, relating to their logo.

Add each Inventory Group sold with the product Line.

Add the Units of Measure for this product line I.e. fl oz, grams, units, pieces, etc.


Setup Products

Create or edit each individual product the business carries. Utilize the previously created items to categorize them by supplier, inventory group and product line.

SKU: Enter the barcode number associated with the product. If this field is clicked on, using a barcode scanner will populate the associated barcode number in this field.  

Size & Unit of Measure: Enter the associated size of the product and assign the previously created unit of measure (created in Product Line detail).

Select the associated Product Line & Inventory Group associated with this product. 

Check the box if this product is taxable.

Professional: If the product is not available for Retail Sale, it is considered a “Professional” product and will not appear during the check out process.

Price: The retail price a customer would pay for the product.

Standard Cost: The amount the business pays to the supplier for the product.

Average Cost: The average amount the business has paid over time for this product to the supplier(s).  This area is automatically updated and is not editable.

Quantity on Hand: The current number of units the business has of this product.

Minimum Quantity: The least amount of this product the business wishes to have in stock.

Supplier Minimum: The least amount the supplier allows of this product to be ordered at one time.

Choose a file to be uploaded as the image that will appear during check out.

Select one or multiple suppliers this product is ordered though. 


Setup Memberships

Create or edit levels of memberships for the client to be auto-billed monthly. Integrated credit card processing is required for memberships to auto-bill.

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