STX Cloud: Setup Helpful Tips

Helpful Setup Tips

Welcome to STX Cloud Software! 

A proper setup is imperative to the success of the business and users. For fluidity and dependency, the setup pages are designed to work top to bottom, and left to right.

For example, Services must be setup first before they can be assigned to a Worker. Our experts recommend saving progress on each page. 

The guides are created for the most common scenarios, if circumstances are outside of the outlined recommendation, please contact STX Support for additional assistance at 1-800-766-4778 or International 407-641-1696.


Helpful Tips:

Click + New to create a new item.

Items with * are required.

Checkboxes identify if items are active or disabled.

Taxable checkboxes infer that the line item is taxable when sold.

Sort Orders re-order how list items are presented.

+ signs add new setup line items

-  signs remove setup line items.

Deselect All will deselect all the related text boxes with options to select or deselect. 

Save retains the work and returns to the previous setup page.

Save & New retains the work and starts a new item.

Cancel does not save any work and return to a previous page or list selection.

Select All will select all the related text boxes with options to deselect or reselect.


*Due to legal auditing purposes, some areas of setup cannot be deleted once created.  


Get started by clicking the navigation bars in the upper left, then Setup. A list of the setup options will appear.