STX Cloud: Setup Company


Company Info

Setup the business name, contact and location information, for reference on receipts and emails.  A logo may be uploaded to appear throughout the user view of the software.


Company Hours

Create a variety of hour sets for the company, workers and online searchable results hour sets.

One hour set is selected as the default hours which are the company or front desk hours.

Time Zone: Select the time zone in which the business is located.

Hours: Enter the open & close times for the hour profile. If there are no hours that day, the fields are blank.

Custom Hours: After a set of company hours are created, the users may customize availability for specific dates, or block off entire days from the calendar for events or holidays.


Payment Types

Create and edit accepted forms of payment. The abbreviation will appear on the Total Sheet.

Check the box for “Processing Electronically In-store” and/or “Process Electronically Online” if this form of payment is connected with integrated credit card processing.

Click Choose File to select an icon of the Payment Type.  Acceptable formats are PNG and JPEG.

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