STX Cloud: Setup Client Preferences

Setup Client Preferences

Client Fields

Quick Add Required Fields: Check this box to allow users to simply add basic information about a client instead of utilizing a full client card. Below this checkbox, check the fields required to save a Quick Add Client Card.  

Client Card Required Fields: Check the fields required to save a Full Client Card.

Online Booking Required Fields

New Registrations Require Approval to Book: Check this box if the business does not allow new clients to book an appointment online. 

Mobile Phone: Check this box to require a mobile phone number for client's online registration.


Visit Types

Create or edit a list of visit types. A single visit type is selected when creating an appointment. This feature is commonly used to track when a worker was requested, if the client is new, or for walk-in traffic. 


Client Flags

Create or edit a list of fields selectable on the full client card identifying one or many details about the client. This feature is typically used to identify VIP Clients, Friends & Family, Out of Town Clients, etc.  


Occupations Tab

Create or edit a list of selectable occupations that will appear on the full client card, for use in future marketing.


Mobile Carriers

Select and add mobile carriers specific to your region. Contact STX Support to request new carriers be added to the list.