STX Cloud: Year-end Preparation

Year-end Guide

Manage Inventory Report

It is important to maintain an accurate on-hand count, or other reports could be affected when you are looking for year-end totals. Perform a physical count of the products you have in stock so that you can use the Manage Inventory report to update current on-hand quantities. 

  • Click Inventory

  • Click Manage Inventory

  • Use the View Options drop-down menu to view All items, only retail items, or only professional items. 

  • Click the Search button to display the products based on your selections. 

  • To update the inventory, click in the field and make the necessary changes. 

  • Click Save

Inventory Adjustment Report

When changes are made to the Quantity On Hand in the Manage Inventory report, the system will create an Adjustment report. This report shows the adjustments to the Cost (ea) and Total Cost of the updated products. Total Cost amounts printed in (RED) reflect the product’s quantity on hand was lowered, which could indicate lost or stolen products. 

  • Click Reports

  • Click Inventory and Gift Reports

  • Click Adjustment Report

  • A list of all previously created adjustment reports will appear. 

  • Click the View button to view and / or print. 

On Hand Quantity

IMPORTANT: Information in the On Hand Product report is only as good as the day it is generated. It gives the total quantity of all products currently in stock. Your accountant will want this printed on the LAST day of business this year, before there is any inventory activity in the new fiscal year. 

  • Click Reports

  • Click Inventory and Gift Reports

  • Click On Hand Product

  • Select a Product Line

  • Click Generate

  • Total displayed for the Product Name column indicates the number of products on hand. 

  • Click Print

Total Sheet

Use the Total Sheet to determine the service and product tax liability the business incurred throughout the year. See also the Gift Sales amount (online and in-store) and the Gifts Redeemed. Subtracting the redeemed from the total gift sales equals the outstanding gift liability for the year.  

  • Click Reports

  • Click Transaction Reports

  • Click Total Sheet

  • Enter the Start Date and End Date

  • Click Generate

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