STX Cloud: Enhanced Marketing

 Enhanced Email Marketing

Scheduling email blasts is as easy as 1-2-3.  First, create a template with photos & words.  Next, create lists of those who should receive the email.  Finally, create a campaign combining the template with the list.  

Go to Email Marketing

  • From STX Cloud, click Marketing or Marketing Email on the home page, navigation bar or right side bar

  • Click Marketing Email

Setup Company Info

Note:  Complete this step only if it is your first time or if you need to update information.

  • Click on the Company Name in the upper right

  • Click My Account

  • Update the Profile Tab and the Company Tab

  • Click Save

Create a Template

Click Templates to create, select, upload or import an email design

  • + Create New (Drag & Drop Editor) allows users to simply drag and drop place holders to build an email design as a promotion, newsletter or announcement with images & social media signatures.  

    • Enter a Template Name

    • Use the drop down menu in the email right corner to drag a variety of design options into your email i.e. Logo, Images, Footers, Social Media, Titles, etc.

    • Highlight text and use the menu bar along the side to update the font, colors, alignment, links, etc.

    • Click Save when completed

  • + Create New is an ideal selection for primarily text emails with less design elements

    • Enter a Template Name

    • Use the design menu along the top to create an email template

    • Click Save when completed  

  • Upload a Template is an option for those who would rather upload a very specific advanced .html design.

    • Click Upload a Template then click this example archive to view an example of an HTML file to upload.

Create a List (exclusive to STX Cloud Enhanced and Advanced accounts)

  • STX Cloud Enhanced and Advanced users have the ability to create specific filters & list builders.

    • Choose List Builder to create a list of client emails based on filters related to client service visits, appointment status, referrals, birthdate, gender, products purchased, and much more!  

    • Click Search

        • Click See Client to view the list of clients who will receive this email

    • Click Create List

        • The List will be shown in ‘Lists’ and selectable for your campaign

  • STX Cloud Indie & Basic Packages users have a default list of all STX Cloud Client subscribers to this account called ‘Opt In’  

Schedule a One-Time Email Campaign

  • Click Campaigns 

    • Click All Campaigns to schedule an email template to be sent one-time to the users in the list(s).

      • Click Create New 

        • Assign a Campaign Name

        • Choose a List (choose the ‘opt-in’ list for all subscribers)

        • Click Save and Next

      • Update Reply To as needed

        • Scroll down, click Save and next

      • Click Change/Select Template 

        • Note: When selecting an existing template, click the Choose button 

        • Edit as needed

        • Scroll Down, click Save and next

      • Choose Send At Date/Time

        • By default will show 5 minutes before and will send ASAP if left as-is

        • Scroll Down, click Send Campaign

          • Campaign will appear in a list, to stop the email from sending, click the PAUSE button

Note: Once lists and templates are created, they can be reused.