STX Cloud: Automated Email Campaigns

 Automated Campaigns

Automated Campaigns are exclusive to our Enhanced & Advanced packages.  They are emails that are automatically generated based on client activity criteria in STX Cloud.  Options include Birthday, Birth Month, First Time Visit, Referrals and We Miss You.  They are ‘Set & Forget’ to continue your efforts to generate revenue automatically.

Go to Email Marketing

  • From STX Cloud, click Marketing on the home page, navigation bar or right side bar

  • Click Marketing Email

Setup Company Info

Note:  Complete this step only if it is your first time or if you need to update information.

  • Click on the Company Name in the upper right

    • Click My Account

      • Update the Profile Tab and the Company Tab

    • Click Save

Create a Template

  • Click Templates

  • Click + Create New (Drag & Drop Editor) to create an email to send automatically for a First Time Visit, We Miss You, Birth Month, Birthday, Referral Thank You emails.

    • Enter a Template Name

    • Use the drop down menu in the email right corner to drag a variety of design options into your email i.e. Logo, Images, Footers, Social Media, Titles, etc.

    • Highlight text and use the menu bar along the side to update the font, colors, alignment, links, etc.

  • Click Save when completed

Setup Automated Campaigns

  • Click Campaigns 

    • Select Set Automated Campaigns to setup emails that will automatically send based on client’s first time visits, birthdays, birth month, new referrals and we miss you emails

    • Click Add Automated Campaign

    • Select Automated Email List, Select a Template, enter a Subject for the email

    • Click Submit

    • Click Enable

Note: Automated Campaigns are generated overnight, the emails will not start sending immediately.  Please allow 24 hours for the first one to send.