STX Cloud: Manage Inventory


Manage inventory by setting up retail and professional products. STX Cloud tracks what is sold and used, and can produce simple reports on sales, ordering and adjustments. 


Create a Purchase Order

STX Cloud can create a list of products to order based on the on hand quantity and the minimum quantity set in Setup Inventory or Manage Inventory.  

  • Go to Inventory
  • Click Purchase Orders
  • Select + New and select a Supplier
    • A list of items to be ordered will be created
  • The Order Quantity will be noted as well as the Cost for Each 
    • To order more or less, simply adjust the Order Quantity. If the supplier is offering a one-time different cost, update the Cost for Each. To adjust the cost permanently, see information below for Manage Inventory.
    • To add a product to the purchase order, enter a SKU or product name in the Add SKU# field and click Search. Select the product to add, and click Select.
  • Click Save


Purchase Order Received

When an order arrives, take count of all the items to confirm the shipment, then note the items received in the STX Cloud.

  • Go to Inventory
  • Click Purchase Orders
  • Select the Purchase Order received
  • Adjust Order Quantity and Cost if needed
  • Add additional items in the Add SKU# area
  • Enter user initials in the Received By field
  • Click Received Ordered Items and the inventory quantities will update
  • Click Save


Inventory Usage

For products consumed by the business (such as shampoo or color), STX Cloud can track usage without generating a sale. To note a product used for the business or by a specific worker, follow these steps.

  • Go to Inventory
  • Click Inventory Usage
  • Click the SKU# field
    • Enter or scan the barcode SKU, the product will appear.
    • Or type the product name, click Search, select the produce and click Select.
  • Click Search
  • Select if the product is used by the Company or Worker
  • Click Save


Manage Inventory

To update pricing, quantities, SKUs, sizes or names, use Manage Inventory to make mass adjustments simply. All changes will be noted in the Inventory Adjustment Report.  

  • Go to Inventory
  • Click Manage Inventory
  • Adjust the search by Product Line, Product Type, Inventory Group or Sort Options.  
  • Click Search
    • A list of products will appear. The fields are editable, if adjustments are made they will appear on the Inventory Adjustment Report.
  • Click Save
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