STX Cloud: Memberships


Memberships offer automated monthly billing and verify a client’s good standing.


  • Go to Member Check In

  • Click (+) New Member

  • Search for Client or click (+) to add new

    • If user selects an existing client, the system will populate the information in the fields.  The phone, email, birthdate and gender are editable.

    • If user selects to add a new client as a member, a client card will be created from the information entered upon save.

  • Enter or Scan Membership ID number

  • Select a Membership Type

  • Select Payment Type

  • Check Auto-Bill if payment should continue to charge

  • Enter the Credit Card Information (Number, Name, Expiration, CVV, Zip)

  • First Payment by default will be the amount of the monthly membership.  Users can update the amount to add sign up fees or first month promotions.

    • Note:  The monthly amount will not change from the amount entered at Setup>Memberships.

  • Select a Plan to auto bill for

  • Click First Payment & Save


  • Go to Navigation Menu Select Member Check In

  • Find Member

    • Enter, Swipe or Scan Membership ID number

    • Or, click Search Member to search for a client by name, phone, email or partial member number

  • Member Verified

    • If member is in good standing, green check   will appear and a ding will sound

    • If member is not in good standing, a red X will appear and an error will sound

  • Click Next Member to find another member


  • Go to Client Card, click Account tab

  • View or edit Memberships

    • Editable fields are the Membership ID and Next Bill Date

    • To terminate a membership, update the next bill date to yesterdays date

  • Update Card on File for changes to auto-billing payment information

  • Click Save

Note: Any auto-billings that did not process will be emailed to the owner and client’s membership will be marked as not in good standing to show at check in.

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