STX Cloud: Check Out


STX Cloud has different ways to perform a sale: Close a ticket auto-generated from checking in a client on the appointment book, or create a new ticket by clicking the Check Out tab in the left menu.


Check In an Appointment

  • Click the Check In button in the appointment list below the appointment 
    • The status of the appointment will change to “Checked In,” the status bar will change to green, and a new ticket will be created.


Check Out an Appointment

  • Click the Check Out button in the appointment list below the appointment.
  • Add Services, Products Or Other items to the ticket
  • Click the Payment Tab
  • Select the Payment Type
    • The full amount will auto-populate in the paid field. If client is paying with multiple forms of payment, update the amount in the paid field.  
  • Click Add To Ticket
  • A screen confirming payment will appear.  Select options to Email A Receipt or Rebook the appointment. 
    • Related service appointments will change to Completed and the status bar will be grey.


Create a New Ticket

  • Click Check Out on the right menu
  • A new ticket will be created
  • Add a client to the ticket (by searching and selecting) is optional.


Check Out FAQs

Client Search: Add a client to the ticket for no client tickets or new tickets.

Merchant Selector: Select which merchant account for credit card processing. 

Go To Checkout List: Navigate to a list of all open tickets.

+ Promo: Add promotion to the ticket.

+ Tips: Add a tip to the ticket.

Favorites: Click the services, products or promotions for adding to the ticket.

Services: Select a service group from the drop down, and select a service to be added.

Products: Scan a barcode or enter product name in the search field.

MISC: Add non-commissionable, miscellaneous charges to the ticket.

Include Ticket: Add current, open ticket balances to a different open ticket.

🙂 😐 ☹️ : Select the happiness level of the customer based on business identified criteria.


Other Tab:

Gift Certificate: Sell gift certificates with unique gift numbers.

Deposits: Create a deposit for materials purchase, or to guarantee a future service.

Prepayment:  Enter prepayment of future services.

Received on Account: Pay a balance due on the client’s account.

Package: Sell multiple services in one visit, or a series of visits over time.