STX Cloud: Edit Completed Ticket

 Edit Completed Ticket

Users will have the ability to make small changes that do not affect the total amount received by midnight on the day of the ticket completion. Changes that involve the total amount received or after midnight will require a refund performed.

Add a Cash Tip

  • Click (+) next to Tips Ticket Total

  • Enter the Amount

    • By default, system will display change back amount

  • Note if Tip Left In Drawer or Tip Paid Out

  • Click Save 

    • System will auto-distribute amount entered to all workers who performed a service on the ticket

Edit Tip Amount 

  • Update Amount or click X to remove 

Add a Worker to Tip Recipients

  • Click Select Worker

  • Select Worker

  • Update Tip Amount

Note: Tip fields must add up to equal the Tips Ticket Total to save. 

Save Changes

    • Save will save changes and stay on the current page

    • Save + Rebook will save the changes and go to Find Appointment 

    • Save + New Ticket will save the changes and start a new ticket

Edit Ticket Rating

  • Click Edit Ticket Rating

  • Update Ticket Rating

  • Click Update 

Edit Ticket Details

  • Click Edit Ticket Details

  • Click line items on the receipt to update 

    • Worker Selection

    • Payment Method

    • Service Notes

  • Click Update 

Note: The service, product and amounts are not available for editing.  Users will need to process a refund and/or create new ticket for changes to be logged.  Refunds is located on the  Check Out List page hyperlinked at the top of the page.

Print Receipt

  • Click Print Receipt

  • Click Print

Email Receipt

  • Click Email Receipt

  • By default, system will enter the client’s primary email address.  If an email is not present or different, user can enter an email manually.  System will not update email on file if a new or different email is entered.  

  • Click Send

Edit Ticket After Save

  • Go To Reports> Transaction Reports> Ticket Details

  • Click the Ticket Number

Note: Tickets are not editable after midnight on the day of completion.

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