STX Cloud: Standing Appointments

 Standing Appointments

Click the Standing button on the calendar to schedule a regularly recurring service with a specific worker, for a new or existing client.  

  • Select a Start Date & a End Date

  • Select a Start Time

  • Select Every # of days, weeks or months to book the appointments

  • Select Worker(s) and Service(s)

For example:  Start Date is January 1, End Date is January 30

 Book Every 2 Weeks 

 Search Results display January 1, January 15 and January 29

Note: The system respects required resources for all dates included in the search results.

  • Click Search

    • Search window displays dates and times for appointments

  • Review Status 

    • Status column notes if the time is available, conflicting or closed.

  • Select either Book Available or Book All 

    • Book Available will only book the standing appointments where there are no conflicts or closed statuses. 

    • Schedule All Dates books all of the results listed, including conflicting or closed times. 

  • Appointment Notification Pop up will appear, select to Send or Go To Appt Book

    • Confirm or update the field with the email address and click Send to email a list of the Standing Appointments

    • Click Go To Appt Book to skip sending a list of standing appointments.  

Note: The system will automatically adjust Standing Appointment start times for seasonal time changes such as daylight savings to standard time.

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