STX Cloud: Standing Appointments


Click the Standing button on the calendar to schedule a regularly recurring service with a specific worker, for a new or existing client.  

  • Select Start Time, Appointment Time, Services and Visit Type (notes optional)

  • Select total # of Appointments to be booked

  • Select Every # of days, weeks or months to book the appointments

For example:  Start Date is January 1

Total Number of Appointments is 3

Book Every 2 Weeks

Search Results display January 1, January 15 and January 29

Note: The system respects required resources for all dates included in the search results.

Click Search

  • Search window displays dates and times for appointments

  • Review Status column includes conflicting dates where the appointment time is already scheduled

  • Select either Schedule Available or Schedule All Dates

Schedule Available will only book the standing appointments where there are no conflicts. Note any of the conflicting dates to book the non-scheduled dates individually using the Find Appointment or Express Booking functionality.

Schedule All Dates books all of the results listed, including conflicting times. Conflicting appointments will be noted as “Conflicting” with a red status bar on the appointment book. If necessary, note these appointments to adjust appointments accordingly.

Note: The system will automatically adjust Standing Appointment start times for seasonal time changes such as daylight savings to standard time.

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