STX Cloud: Making Notes


STX Cloud has a variety of ways for you to keep notes regarding clients, appointments and services.  


Service Notes

Service Notes are specific to the type of service received. Each service has it’s own service note space available. Service Notes can be added in three locations:

Appointment Detail: Click on an appointment and then the note icon next to the service list.

Check Out: Click on the service name from the receipt and the pop up offers a service note field.

Client Card: If an appointment is Checked In, go to Client Card > Service Tab and click the note icon to add.

To view past Service notes, go to Client Card > Service Tab. Click the note icon.

Service Note Example: Color Formula “2 oz 5N w/ 20 vol for 45 min” or “Sensitive Skin”


Appointment Notes

Appointment Notes are specific to a single client visit. During any booking process, there will be a note field.

To view or update the note on:

Appointment Detail: Click on an appointment and the Note field appears under the ticket #.

Appointment List: Click on the Note  icon next to the appointment in the appointment list below the booking calendar

Appointment Note Example: “May be running 5 minutes late” or “Curious about Brazilian blowouts.”


Client Notes

Client Notes are specific to the client’s preferences.  This information, found on the client card, is helpful to the front desk as well as all service providers.  

Client Card: View notes in the top summary area under the client’s personal information. Edit them on the Client Info tab in the Notes field.

Client Note Example: “Likes black coffee, has 2 dogs” or “Enjoys long scalp massages”

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