STX Cloud: Find Appointment


Tired of looking for an available appointment time with a day-by-day calendar search? Click the Find Appointment button and the system will find the best fit to optimize your schedule.       

  • Click the Find Appt. button

  • Select a Start Date or move weeks ahead by selecting the 3 to 8 buttons

  • Select from the Visit Type dropdown list (required)

  • Enter Appointment Notes

  • Select the Service Group / Service / Service Provider

    • Click (+) to add multiple services.

  • Click Search

    • The numbers to the right of each appointment option indicate the Ranking Order. Appointments that can be booked at the beginning or end of a worker schedule, before or after another appointment, or fill a gap in the day are considered the best available appointments.

  • Select an Appointment Time from the list

  • Click Book to schedule this appointment

    • Click + Waitlist if no suitable appointments are found.