STX Cloud: Client Cards


STX Cloud has multiple ways to add a client to your client list. You may add a new client while you are booking an appointment, checking out, or from the Clients icon in the menu.


Add a Client from Appointment Book

  • Select a time on the APPOINTMENTS calendar, or an option for

    • FIND APPT,

    • STANDING or


  • A client search window will appear

  • Click the (+) to add a new client’s basic information


Create a New Client Card

  • Select CLIENTS

  • Click the (+) button to display a blank Quick Add client card page or the Full Client Card

  • Complete the required fields

Save changes made to the client record.

Cancel the changes made to the client record.

Delete the client record, which is only allowed when the client has no Appointments or Tickets.

Save & Book saves the client record and immediately goes to the booking screen.


Search For A Client Card

  • Select CLIENTS

  • Enter text to search for a client by First Name, Last Name, Phone, or Email.

    • Results will automatically appear

  • Select a Client to show the Full Client Card


Client Info Tab

Responsible Party references if a different client is “responsible” for this client, as in the case where a mother is responsible for a daughter. LOOKUP allows searching for and selecting the responsible client. 


Client Profile Tab

Client Flag (icon) allows you to identify clients such as “VIP”, “Friends & Family”, etc. Client Flags are managed under SETUP > SETUP CLIENT PREFERENCES. 

Occupation (icon) provides the opportunity to track client professions.

Referred By shows the person who recommended the business.

Referred lists the people this client has referred.  

Marketing, Notifications And Reminders are enabled with a green checkmark, or disabled with a red “x.”  Checking “Opt Out” disables all options for a given group.


Appointments Tab

Booking Restrictions allow for either ALERT ONLY or DO NOT BOOK. With either type, you will be alerted on the booking screen when attempting to book an appointment. 

ALERT ONLY allows appointments to be scheduled.  

DO NOT BOOK prevents appointments from being scheduled.  

WRITE NOTE displays a custom message on the booking screen with each alert message.

PIN is a 4 digit Personal Identification Number assigned to clients for Online Services login.

Preferred Duration Checking the box will adjust the time preference for all future appointments, when the same Client, Worker and Service are selected. Unchecking the box disables the preference.


Services Tab

(+) Allows service note entries, such as color formulas. 


Accounts Tab

Store Credit Card Token is the ability to save encrypted credit card information for future charges. The system will perform a monthly batch job to check for expired credit card tokens and clear the Token Present checkbox. The business owner will be sent a monthly email with the expired card details for the client name, expiration and card type.


Note: You must be processing credit cards electronically within STX in order to store a credit card token.

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