STX Cloud: Appointment Book Tips


<   > Navigates the calendar forward or backward for the month, year or day.

Show All Workers: By marking the checkbox, workers not scheduled to work that day will appear on the calendar.

Move Weeks Ahead: Advances numbers of weeks from currently selected date.

Worker View: Select options for All workers, or a specific worker to focus the calendar on.

Views: Shows the day view, week view or weekday view. Week and Weekday options require a worker selection prior to viewing.

Find Appt: Search for availabilities on the calendar for one or more services

Standing: Search for availabilities on the calendar for standing appointments. Standing appointment are recurring appointments booked every # of days, weeks or months. 

Waiting List: Add a new client to the waiting list, or view and book clients on the waiting list.

Message Board: Make a note or leave a message attached to the selected day on the calendar. 


Booking Statuses and Symbols

Booked (Blue)

Called (Yellow)

Confirmed (Pink)

Email Sent (Orange)

Checked In (Green)

Completed (Gray)

Conflicting (Red)

Standing# (Hashtag)

Online BookedO (Letter O)

New ClientText (Red Text)

Multiple Services* (Star)

Appointment Note (Music Note)

Preferred Duration (Double Daggers)



Click a Time Slot goes to Express Book Appointment

Click a Time goes to Express Book Appointment (overlapping)

Click an Appointment goes to Appointment Detail

Click Client Photo goes to Client Card

Click Service goes to Appointment Detail

Click Pencil goes to Modify Appointment

Drag = on Appt adjusts Appointment Duration

Check In Button updates Appointment Status to Checked In

Check Out Button goes to Appointment Ticket

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