STX Beacon: Setup Packages

Setup Packages

Service Packages - Create packages of services, including the number of repetitions for each service, with or without discounts.

Click an existing Package name hyperlink, or click the green + New button to create a new package.

Enter the Name of the new Package.

Select the appropriate Online options.

Select a Service from the drop-down menu and enter the number of Reps (repetitions) for the service. The Price Each will display according to the regular price of the service, multiplied by the number of reps. Edit the Discounted Price as necessary. 

Add or remove services as desired by clicking the green (+) or the red (x) buttons.

Package Value before Discounts reflects the total package value - the sum of price each for all services selected, multiplied by the number of reps.

Discounted Package reflects the total discounted package value - the sum of discounted price for all services selected, multiplied by the number of reps.

Selling Packages is detailed in the Tickets chapter of the Beacon User Guide. Setting up, redeeming and tracking of Packages is detailed in a separate guide. If you would like a copy, please visit the Beacon Resource page on our website at or contact the Support department.

Available for Online Purchase: When checked, allows clients to purchase the service package online after logging into the Online Booking feature. Full payment of the package will be rendered at the time of purchase.

Choose the Online options you wish to display for your Service Packages.

Available for Client Self-Booking: When checked, allows clients to schedule the service package via the Online Booking feature. If the client has not previously purchased the package, the package will automatically be added to the client’s ticket upon Check In. 

Client Facing Name and Description refers to the information the client will see when booking this appointment online. Note: you must be subscribing to the Online feature.

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