STX Beacon: Setup Inventory

Setup Inventory

Inventory - Inventory includes all products sold and consumed within your business.

Suppliers - When clicking Suppliers, the Supplier list page will appear. Click the New button to create a new supplier, or click the Edit link to edit an existing supplier.

The Supplier Edit page will appear.

Input the details on Suppliers from whom you purchase products.

Inventory Groups - Create a listing of Inventory Groups that represent categories of products. Indicate if each is taxable and set the listing order for reports and other program areas where Inventory Groups will be listed.

Product Lines - Add or edit product lines for the brands of product you have in inventory.

Use the green + New button to enter Product Line names, select the associated Inventory Groups, and enter appropriate Units of Measure. Examples would be oz (ounces), ml (milliliter), and ea (each). 

You may color-code each Inventory Product Line. To select a custom color, click the Name of the product line. 

In the Product Line Detail page, click the Color field to select a custom color. Click the Save button. 

Color selections will be displayed as part of the Ticket Edit.

Products - Add or edit products within specific Product Lines and Inventory Groups. 

Select a Product Line and click Search

Expand the appropriate Inventory Group to edit an existing product within the group. Click New Product to enter a new product within the Inventory Group.

Record product Name, SKU #, Size, Active or Taxable status, Quantities, Cost and Price values. 

Add the appropriate Suppliers. Change the Product Line or Inventory Group when necessary.

NOTE: Supplier Minimum must have a value of at least 1 - this field cannot be left blank or contain a zero.

Click Save & New to continue entering products.

Click Save to leave the Product Edit page.

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