STX Beacon: Setup Client Preferences

Setup Client Preferences

Setup Client Preferences – This area refers to information you wish to gather and track for your client or guest records.

Client Fields - Set preferences for allowing the Quick Add client card for a new client, as well as which fields will be required as entries on both the Quick Add and full Client Cards.

Quick Add will allow you to enter only the required fields marked in this area when you have a new client, so you can quickly move through the booking or ticketing process - knowing you will complete the Full Client Card information at a later time.

Visit Types allow you to track a client’s visit, and is set on each appointment and ticket transaction. Note: This is a client visit type, not a worker visit type. All workers associated with a visit (appointment and/or ticket transaction) will be accredited for the same client visit type.

Add the Name of the Visit Type, and check the Active checkbox to enable the visit type for selection. Uncheck the Active checkbox to disable the visit type from being selected. Once a Visit Type has been selected for an appointment and/or ticket transaction, it is not recommended you change the name. Create a new Visit Type instead.

Client Flags - Create Client Flags to use for filtering clients by criteria for future emailing and reporting.  

Occupations - Create a list of client Occupations to use for filtering clients by criteria for future emailing and reporting.  

Mobile Carriers - List of mobile carriers used by your clients and must be activated to allow text messages to be sent via the Beacon system.

Click the green + sign to add a new mobile carrier to your list. Mobile Carriers are included for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

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