STX Beacon: Setup Appointment Emails

Setup Appointment Emails

Email List - Add new or edit previously set up email templates. Used for sending appointment emails.

The Beacon Support team has the ability to add a Confirmation link to the appointment reminder email. When the client receives the reminder email with the confirmation link, they will be able to click the link to confirm the appointment. Beacon will then mark the appointment with the status of Confirmed.

If you do not have an email template named Appt Reminder with Confirmation, and you would like to have one added, please contact the Support department.

To create a new email template, press the New button to enter the desired information.  

Enter information for the email: 

Email Template Name



Check the Available For Use checkbox if the email template will be ready to start sending right away.

Format the body of the email and upload images using the HTML Value bar. 

Use the image uploader tool to upload an image or logo. If you have a company logo uploaded in Setup > Company > Company Info, you can copy the logo image from Company Info, and paste it directly into the email template.

Insert special substitution variables to have specific information about each recipient included in the body of the email. 

Client First Name: {!Client.FirstName}

Client Last Name: {!Client.LastName}

Appointment Date & Time: {!Appointment.DateTime}

Click Send Test Email to send a test of the email template to confirm the template settings are appropriate for sending to everyone else.

The test email will be sent to the logged in user’s email address.

Customize the Refer A Friend email which is sent to prospective clients through the Refer A Friend process.

If you are editing the Refer A Friend email, please do NOT remove the {Referring.Client} substitution variable. 

The Refer A Friend process and tracking is detailed in a separate guide. If you would like a copy, please visit the Beacon Resource page on our website or contact the Support department.

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