STX Beacon: Setup Company


Correct data setup is the cornerstone to effective use of any software. 

Tap Setup on the Home screen to review each Setup area and input information specific to the way you do business.

Note: The setup and tracking of both Memberships and Packages are detailed in separate guides. If you would like a copy of either guide, please visit the Beacon Resource page on our website or contact the Support department.

Setup Company

Company Info - Set up general information about your company. Allows a logo to be uploaded, with a maximum file size of 1 MB.

Grant Access to STX Support - To assist with support issues, you may grant STX the ability to access your org so that we may efficiently trouble-shoot and effect needed remedies.

Company Hours - Allows multiple sets of hours to be created for the company, individual workers, and for client self-booking online.

Postal Codes - Allows you to create a listing of postal codes specific to your local area. Please note that postal codes are not pre-loaded.

Payment Types - Here, you can do one of two things: create separate credit card payment types (i.e. Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, etc.), or (RECOMMENDED) you can create a single payment type called Credit Card. This area also allows icons to be uploaded, with a maximum file size of 100 KB. 

NOTE: Payment Types allows you to apply a sort order that determines the order in which the payment types will appear on the Ticket. Sort order #3 is already in use by a system payment type used for redeeming package services, and should not be used to set your own sort order.

Select a customized color to be used for the Beacon Header and Footer appearing on all pages. 

If no changes are made to the header and footer colors, then the system will use the Beacon default color.

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