STX Beacon: Getting Started

Welcome to STX Beacon!

Please take a moment to review this Getting Started document to get the maximum benefit from your Beacon experience.

Owner's Commitment:

1. Learn to use and properly maintain your hardware system.

2. Take the time to learn Beacon utilizing the various educational tools provided.

3. Review your Beacon data on a regular basis to ensure your policies are being followed.

Converting to Automation:

Taking the time to learn and set up the software properly will pay huge dividends when you begin to manage your business with Beacon. Understanding all of the features that are available and giving some thought as to how you can take advantage of them in the future will allow you to get the most

Hardware and Software Requirements

STX Beacon operates on all computer or mobile devices with Android or Apple operating systems. Always apply software updates so that your computer and mobile devices are running the most current versions.

STX Beacon requires connection to the Internet in order to save or retrieve data to/from the database. Internet download speed minimum recommendations:

• 1 Device: 3 mbps

• 2 – 10 Devices: 5 mbps

• 11 – 20 Devices: 10 mbps

• 21 – 30 Devices: 15 mbps

• 31+ Devices: Please contact our Support department to discuss connectivity suggestions.

If you are experiencing delays or slowness, please go to to test your Internet speed on any computer or mobile device. Less than 2 mbps upload speed, and download speed less than the recommended above, may severely compromise Beacon’s performance. 

After installation on a device, STX Beacon can be used immediately without any further configuration.

Integrated Software

Optional credit and debit card payment processing is managed via our integration with either First Nationwide Payments or First Data. For information on either credit card merchant gateway option, or on obtaining a new merchant account with First Nationwide Payments, please contact STX Software.

Logging In and Out

Just after signing up for Beacon, the Owner will receive an email from with a special link and information for logging in the first time and setting a password. Just after setting up a Worker, the worker will receive the same type of email from

WARNING: The link will expire 72 hours after receipt of the email and cannot be resent.

All subsequent launches of Beacon will be from using the Beacon Mac App on a Mac computer, or from the computer browser. Use the link on a Windows computer browser, or use the mobile app downloaded on your mobile device.

Logging In

Upon launching Beacon, you will be presented with a "Log In" panel. Simply type in your credentials and press the Return key or press the "Log In" button.

Click the Forgot your password? hyperlink if you have forgotten your password.

Logging Out

Click the Logout on the Home page to exit.


Owner Dashboard

Each time an Owner logs into Beacon, the Owner Dashboard will appear. 

Click Close or the Home breadcrumb to enter the Beacon system. Once in the system, re-open the Dashboard by using the left nav slide-out menu. Each time the Dashboard is opened, the widgets will update with current information. Hover over or tap a colored area to view the details.

Owner Dashboard Widgets

Service Sales Today includes the value of Booked services compared to the value of service Sales  for today. 

Product Sales Today includes the value of 10% of Booked services compared to the actual value of Product Sales for today. If you are trying to meet a daily goal of product sales being at least 10% of the booked services, this widget offers the comparison in side-by-side columns.

Marketing Campaign Value Month to Date displays a single line bar chart. The total is calculated based on appointment and ticket values created within 48 hours of an email marketing campaign being sent. The calculation includes Services, Products, Gifts, Packages, and Memberships.

Average Service Spending Per Client - Average spending per client for Services for This Month compared to Last Month.

Average Product Spending Per Client - Average spending per client on Products for This Month compared to Last Month.

Booked Online This Month (%) includes the Booked in-house percentage compared to the Booked Online percentage for this month in a pie chart.

The Marketing Value This Year widget displays as a single line bar chart, which shows the value of marketing campaign influences from the first of the year to the current date. The total is calculated based upon appointment and ticket values for those appointments created within 48 hours of an email being sent. The calculation includes Services, Products, Gifts, Packages, and Memberships. Email types include marketing email, appointment reminder, and appointment notifications. 

Worker Dashboard

The Worker Dashboard appears immediately after a worker logs into Beacon. The information contained in the Worker Dashboard is specific to the logged in worker.

Each worker’s personal dashboard will display the Goals for the current per day average values, as well as the target per day average values, so they can easily compare what they’re currently doing to what they need to do in order to reach their goals.

Goal Name

Goal Period as defined in Setup Workers > Worker Availability and Goals > Goals tab

% of Goal as of 'now' for the goal time frame

red for % of Goal below 80%

orange for % of Goal between 80% - 89%

green for % of Goal greater than 90%

Current Per Day average of what has been done so far in the goal period

Target Per Day average that should be done in the goal period in order to meet the goal target


Whether using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, navigating Beacon is plain and simple. Your navigational tools will always appear at the top of your screen, and these include:

  • Left Navigation Slide-Out Menu

  • Back Arrow

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Home and Page Tabs

You should never feel lost while using Beacon, but if you do, look to the top of your screen for guidance.

Home Buttons

Click any button on the Home page to navigate to a specific area.

As a visual cue, the Home buttons will change appearance to indicate they have been clicked. 

A black outline will appear around the button and the button will appear in a darker color. 

Home Breadcrumb

The Home breadcrumb has a large green font so that it is easier to locate. Click the Home breadcrumb to view the available menu items.

Home Tabs

To go directly to a specific area, use the Home tabs just underneath the page header. The Home tabs, which provide quick one-click access to those areas, are visible on each page of the Beacon system. Note: Setup and Logout are not included in the Home tabs. For access to Setup and Logout, click the Home breadcrumb (hyperlink) instead.

Once you are in a specific area, the Home tabs provide quick one-click access to specific areas of the Beacon system and will display in a darker color to indicate they have been clicked. The tab will remain the darker color until you have moved to a different area.

Click this back arrow to return to the previous page.

Click this menu navigation icon to access the Left Nav Slide-Out Menu containing Home menu items.

The ‘back arrow’ functionality of the Service Edit and Appointment Detail pages will alert you if the page isn't saved after editing.

The alert allows you to Leave Page, which will discard all edits and return you to the most recently used page in the Service or Appointment List. Clicking Stay on Page allows you to Save all edits.

The Page Header will always display the current page.

The Home Tabs will appear at the top of each page, except for the Home page.

Use the Breadcrumbs or Home tabs to navigate to a specific area.

The top of certain pages will contain Labeled Tabs. Simply click on the Tab of your choice to gain access to that area.

The following areas in Beacon will display separate menu items:

Beacon comes pre-populated with some generic information, making it convenient to get a quick look at how appointments and tickets work without having to first do any setup.

Setup > Setup Company > Company Hours - A Standard hours set used to indicate the hours the Company is open.

Setup > Setup Company > Payment Types - Cash payment type so a ticket can be completed.

Setup > Setup Services  - A generic Service Group and 2 generic Services so an appointment can be booked.

Setup > Setup Inventory - Generic Suppliers, Inventory Group, Product Line, and 2 generic Products so they can be added to a ticket.

Setup > Setup Workers > Setup Goals - 4 Goals calculations for testing worker goals. 

Setup > Setup Workers > Worker Availability and Goals - Appointments hours on the “Owner” record so the Appointments Booking Calendar page will open with a blank calendar ready to book an appointment.

Terms and Definitions

Action - Creates an effect in the data contained in the software, typically used to Edit or Delete information.

Booking Interval - The time increment that works best in constructing appointment lengths - for example: 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes.

Client Facing - Indicates the item will be available for clients to book appointments online.

Client Flag - Used to identify clients for mailings and reports. By creating client flags, you can track clients in ways that are not built in to Beacon.

Client Types - Types of clients which are flagged by the Beacon system, including Booked Online, Rebooked, New Client, Standing Appointment, and Package Booking. These client types can be found on the Appointment Detail page.

Menus - Click on any item in the menu to perform the associated function or to bring up the associated page.

Merchant Account - Used to process credit cards electronically directly through the Beacon system. Merchant Accounts can be entered for both In Store and Online processing.

Notification - An email and / or text message auto-generated by the system and sent to a client announcing an appointment was successfully scheduled for the date and time requested.

Reminder - An email and / or text message auto-generated by the system at a specified time to a client prior to an appointment. This email can also be manually generated to immediately send to a client.

Required Field - Data must be entered into a required field in order to properly save and to get an effective result.

Sort Order - Arranging items according to a preferred sequence of visibility within the Beacon system.

Standing Appointments - Beacon allows for booking several recurring appointments at once, saving the time involved with booking them individually. 

Tabs - The top of certain pages will contain labeled tabs. Simply click on the tab of your choice to gain access to that area.

Visit Type - Allows tracking a client’s visit, whether or not it is the first time the client has visited, requested specific services, or is a regular client. The Visit Type is set on each appointment and ticket transaction. This information can be used in reports.

Worker - An individual that works within the business, whether an owner, an employee, or an independent contractor.

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