STX Beacon: Report Writer

Create New Report

Beacon contains a set of standard reporting formats and information while also allowing you to create your own custom reports.

When using Report Writer, custom reports can be created and edited to display only the information you want to view, and line item information can be arranged for viewing in order of preference.

Click Report Name hyperlink to view or edit the settings on an existing report.

Click New to create a new report.

Enter a Report Name

  • Enter a brief Description (optional)

  • Select a Report Type

  • Click Save to add the report name to the list

Once you return to the Report Writer list and see the newly created report, click the Report Name of the newly created report to complete the custom report setup.

After selecting the Report Type, some items will automatically be listed in the Selected section. You may wish to remove these items to build your own custom report. In the example above, all items automatically listed were removed, and 12 available items were added.

Highlight an item in Selected and click the Remove button to move the item back into the Available section. 

Highlight an item in the Available section and click the Add button to move the item into the Selected section. 

Use the Up and Down arrows to have the selected items listed in a different order.

The Date Selection Field is used for selecting the matching items associated with your Selected list. Select an option from both drop-down menus. In the example above, the report will select the appointments from Today. 

The Sort Order is for sorting the information displayed on the report. This option may not always apply, depending on the items in your Selected list.

The Total is for calculating a total for either # of items on the report, or for amount values. This option may not always apply, depending on the items in your Selected list. Leaving the total on the None option will display the number of records listed on the report.

When you have finished building the custom report, click Save to return to the Report Writer list page.

Click the Generate button next to the newly created report. The report will appear.

The columns on the report match the Selected items list created in the custom report. 

Appointment Date / Time: the date and time the appointment is scheduled for. If you see an odd time, it would be because a new service ticket was created without an appointment already being booked.

Status: current status of the appointment. 

Total Record Count shows there were 6 appointments for Today.

Select Dates

Report Writer > Select Dates: When creating a custom report, you have the ability to use a Select Dates option.

To use customized dates for the report, choose the Select Dates option from the Date Selection Field drop-down menu. 

Click Save to return to the reports list.

Click the Generate button next to the report where the Select Dates option was chosen.

Enter a Begin Date and an End Date. Click the Generate button. Your report will appear.

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