STX Beacon: Cash Counting

Keep track of your Cash more easily with the Cash In / Out option.

Go to Check Out > Check Out List and click the Cash In / Out button.

Type - Select whether the transaction is Cash Paid In or Cash Paid Out

Cash Drawer - The drawer assigned to the computer / mobile device will display.

Transaction By - Enter the initials or PIN for the worker performing the transaction. This is a required field.

Amount - Enter the Amount of the cash either being Paid In or Paid Out of the drawer.

From - Enter where the cash is either coming From or going To. 

Reason - Enter the reason for the addition or removal of the cash.

View all Cash In / Out transactions by going to Reports > Daily Cash Drawer.

The details for each transaction will be listed. The Daily Total Sheet and Daily Cash Drawer reports will include the Cash In / Out transactions per each date selected for the reports.

Daily Cash Drawer

Select any specific date. The report will automatically appear.

The Daily Cash Drawer report details information for each configured Cash Drawer (defined in Setup: Setup Ticket Preferences > POS Devices), and includes:

  • Ticket # with Client Name

    • Payment type used

    • Amount paid

    • Received By (logged in worker)

    • Tip disbursement

    • Change Back Amount

  • Drawer Total will also include values for all Cash Paid In and Cash Paid Out transactions

Each drawer will be listed individually.

NOTE: Drawer totals will exclude Tips that were flagged as Tip Left In Drawer.

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