STX Beacon: Packages

Setting Up Service Packages

Service Packages - Create packages of services, including the number of repetitions for each service, with or without discounts.

Note: You must be processing credit cards electronically via Beacon in order to sell Packages online.

Navigate to Home > Setup Packages > Service Packages.

Click an existing package Name hyperlink, or click the New button to create a new package.

  • Select a Service from the drop-down menu and enter the number of Reps (repetitions) for the service. The Price Each will display according to the regular price of the service. Edit the Discounted Price (each) as necessary. 

  • Add or remove services as desired by clicking the green (+) or the red (x) buttons.

  • Package Value before Discounts reflects the total package value = the sum of price each for all services selected, multiplied by the number of reps.

  • Discounted Package reflects the total discounted package value = the sum of discounted price for all services selected, multiplied by the number of reps.

  • Click Save to save your changes. 

  • Click Cancel to discard your changes.

Available for Online Purchase: When checked, allows clients to purchase the service package online after logging into the Online Booking feature. Full payment of the package will be rendered at the time of purchase, and requires an online merchant account for electronic payment processing.

Available for Client Self-Booking: When checked, allows clients to schedule the service package via the Online Booking feature. If the client has not previously purchased the package, the package will automatically be added to the client’s ticket upon Check Out. 

Selling Packages

The Other tab on a Ticket allows you to record the sale of one or more packages.

From the Home page, or using the navigation tabs at the top of most screens, click Check Out.

A new Ticket page will appear. Search for and select a Client on the new ticket, or use the Check Out List breadcrumb to find an existing unpaid ticket. 

Click the Ticket # hyperlink to open an existing ticket. 

Go to the Other tab. Select the appropriate package from the Package menu.

Click Add to Ticket. Package will be added to the ticket summary on the right-hand side.

The Amount and Tax values cannot be changed and will be added to the ticket total. 

Click on any item in the ticket summary to update or remove that item.

Complete the ticket by going to the Payments tab and selecting the appropriate payment type(s).

Ticket will be auto-saved and closed when full payment is rendered.

Click the Clients tab at the top of the screen to go to the full client card.

The Accounts tab of the full client card will display the Packages information:

  • Date Purchased

  • Ticket #

  • Package Name

  • Unused #

  • Item (service)

  • Unused Value

If package contains more than 1 service, each service within the Package will be listed separately.

Booking Packages

Each Package name is listed in the service group drop-down menu, and are listed below the service groups.

After selecting the service Package name, each service within the package will automatically appear. If the package has only a single service with multiple reps, only that service will appear.

Select the appropriate worker to perform the service, and search for available appointment times.

If the client has never purchased the Package associated with the selected services for the appointment, or no longer has available services from a previously purchased Package, the system will automatically include the ‘sale’ of the package on the client’s ticket upon check-in. The ticket will ‘redeem’ the package services on the same ticket.

Redeeming Packages

Services within a Package are booked just as any other service appointment would be if scheduling each service individually.

Whether scheduling an entire package or each service individually, Beacon tracks services for a client that belong to a prepaid Package without charging the client extra when redeeming the services.

When a package service is checked in, or a new ticket is created for the package service, the ticket will display the message Prepaid Package underneath the package service. 

A Payment named Prepaid Package is included on the ticket to reflect the value of the prepaid package Discounted Price amount. This indicates the package service was already paid for and will not charge the client again.

Click Save if the ticket is completed to return to the Ticket List page.

Check the Show Completed Tickets checkbox and select the Ticket # of the package service ticket.

The Completed Ticket detail page displays the prepaid package service, as well as the Prepaid Package payment type.

Click the client’s Full Name hyperlink to view the client card. Click the Service Log tab to view when the Package was used.

Click the Accounts tab to view the Package’s current status.

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