STX Beacon: Memberships

Memberships allow your clients full access to your business using a Member Check-In feature. When you set up client memberships using the Memberships function in Beacon, you can take advantage of an Auto-Bill cycle, freeing you from the task of manually running monthly charges.

Note: You must be processing credit cards electronically via Beacon in order to use the Auto-Bill option.

To get started with Beacon Memberships, go to Setup > Setup Memberships.

Create New Membership

Click the Name hyperlink to edit an existing Membership. Click the New button to create a new Membership.

Enter the Name of the new membership. The field allows as many as 80 alphanumeric characters.

The Active status is auto-checked and allows making the Membership inactive by unchecking the box.

Enter the Price of the new membership. 

In the example above, the membership is for 13 months at the price of 12, and will use Auto-Bill to charge the client membership a total of 27.70 on a monthly basis. 

Regular price at 30.00 per month, multiplied by 12 equals 360.00, divided by 13 equals 27.70 per each of the 13 months. 

Click Save to preserve the changes. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

Selling Memberships

To sell a Membership, navigate to Home and click Check Out

A new Ticket page will appear. Use the Check Out List breadcrumb while on the new ticket page to create a new Membership transaction.

Click the Memberships button.

Search for and select the appropriate client, or click the New button to add a new client.

The Memberships detail page will appear.

Select the appropriate Membership Program

Next Bill Date will auto-set to the same day of the following month. If you are selling a membership on the 31st of a month, the Next Bill Date will roll to the 1st of the next month. For example, you sell a membership on May 31st. June does not have 31 days, so the Next Bill Date will be set for July 1st. Each subsequent bill date will then be on the 1st of each month. Change the Next Bill Date as appropriate for the membership program.

Membership ID is a required field. If the client already has a membership ID, it will populate in the field. If the client does not have a membership ID, you will need to create one. The Membership ID field allows as many as 80 alphanumeric characters. If you have membership key-tags with a barcode, scan the key-tag in the Membership ID field. If not, maybe use a mix of the client’s initials, address, birthday, phone number, etc. Each Membership ID must be unique, as no two clients can have the same ID.

Client Picture: If a picture has been uploaded to the client’s record, the picture will display.

Memberships can be paid with any form of payment you accept, including cash. In order to take advantage of the Auto-Billing, the only forms of payment that can be accepted are those which are set to process electronically. Only electronic payment types will enable the Use Auto-Billing checkbox.

The client must use the same electronic payment type when purchasing the membership that they wish to have auto-billed each month.

Swipe the credit card in the Ready to Swipe field if using the desktop browser. Click the payment type icon if using a mobile device. 

Note: Credit Card Processing is detailed in a separate guide. If you would like a copy, please visit the Beacon Resource page on our website or contact the Solutions department.

Once the electronic payment type is approved, a Success message will appear.

Click OK to return to the Check Out List page.

To view the membership transaction, go to Reports > Ticket Details.

Click the Ticket # hyperlink to open the completed membership detail page.

Click Book Appt to book a new appointment for the client.

Click OK to return to the Ticket List page.

Click Email Receipt to send a receipt to the client via email.

Click the client’s Full Name hyperlink to go to the client’s record. Once on the client’s record, click the Accounts tab for Membership tracking information.

Tracking Memberships

To stop the Auto-Bill process for a Membership Program, uncheck the Auto-Bill checkbox.

Auto-Bill Notice

Each time a membership is auto-billed, the business OWNER will receive an email notice.

The email notice will state the number of memberships (tickets) which were auto-billed and whether or not there were any failures.

Member Check-in

There are two ways to check in members:

  1. Click the navigational tool in the main header found on most Beacon pages. Click the Member Check In option.

  2. Or click the Member Check In tab found at the top of most Beacon pages.

The Member Check In page will appear.

You or the member will manually enter the member’s ID, or scan / swipe the key-tag (if key-tags are being used with memberships). Click Member Lookup to search for the member by name.

If the member is in ‘good standing’, they will be checked in. A ‘ding’ sound will play when the green check is displayed.

If the member owes for a new membership, or has a declined auto-bill payment, they will not be checked in. A ‘buzzer’ sound will play when the red X is displayed.

The Member Check In page will time out after 5 seconds, ready for the next member to check in.

Click Next Member to check in a different member. Click Cancel to leave the Member Check In page.

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