STX Beacon: Purchase Order Received

To receive delivery for an ‘open’ PO, click the Order Date hyperlink in the Purchase Orders list.

The Purchase Order Detail page will appear. Add items to the PO if you received products which were not ordered by searching in the Add SKU# field.

Note: The item being searched for must already exist in the Products list in Setup > Setup Inventory > Products and must be associated with the Supplier.

When all delivered products are listed in the PO, click the Receive Ordered Items button.

Order Date: displays the order date and cannot be changed.

Received By: enter your initials or information relating to the worker who accepts the delivery.

Received Qty: defaults to values in the Order Qty field, but allows changing to different values. 

Total Order Cost (actual): enter the total actual cost of the delivered products.

Upon Save, the system will update the Product On Hand Qty to reflect the delivery.

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