STX Beacon: Manage Inventory

To begin managing your inventory, navigate to Home and click Inventory, or click the Inventory tab located underneath the page header.

Select the Manage Inventory option.

Select from any or all of the drop-down menus: 

Product Line - Select from None, All, or an individual Product Line.

Inventory Groups - Select from None, All, or an individual Inventory Group.

View Options - Select from All, Retail Only, or Professional Only.

Sort Options - Select from Alphabetically or SKU.

Show Inactive - Check the checkbox to include products which are no longer in the Active status.

Click Search to view or edit the items you have selected to display.  

Each item listed in the table, except for the Active status, can be edited. For best performance, limit the search to display fewer than 1000 items at a time.

NOTE: Supplier Minimum must have a value of at least 1 - this field cannot be left blank or contain a zero.

Click Save to save the changes. Changes to the products will be reflected on the individual product record in Setup > Setup Inventory > Products.

Click Cancel to cancel changes.

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