STX Beacon: Inventory Usage

Beacon has the ability to enter products used either by the company or by a worker. The system will remove the used products from the inventory stock, making it easier to keep an accurate inventory count.

Select Inventory Usage.

Scan, enter, or Search for the product by SKU#, product name, or by just clicking the Search button for a listing of all products.

Enter the appropriate quantity being used in the Qty field.

Select from the Used By drop-down menu if the product was used by the Company or by a specific Worker. After selecting the Worker option, select the worker who used the product from the Select Worker drop-down menu.

If you’ve added a product by mistake, click the Remove red dash button to remove the product from the Inventory Usage page. If you’d like to remove all products added to the Inventory Usage page, click either the Remove All Items button or the Cancel button to clear the products from the page.

Created By displays the logged in worker name.

Created Date displays the date the Inventory Usage was created.

Upon Save, the products on the Inventory Usage page will be removed from the inventory count.

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