STX Beacon: Import Clients

Preparing the Import Files

File needs to be Excel spreadsheet, Numbers spreadsheet, comma separated (CSV) or tab delimited. Please add column headers in the first row so we can identify the type of data in each column.

Items for Import Special Details

First Name* *Required

Middle Name

Last Name* *Required

Address Line 1 Address Lines 1 and 2 may be combined or separate (They will be Address Line 2 combined during the import process)



Zip/Postal Code

Country **Defaults to United States.

Cell/Mobile Phone

Daytime Phone Daytime and evening phone numbers will be consolidated into a Evening Phone Primary Phone field. Daytime will be used if the client has both.

Email Address 1

Email Address 2

Unsubscribed from Email True, T, False or F. **Defaults to False.

Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Phone 1

Emergency Contact Phone 2

Account Balance 0.00 represents an amount owed, -0.00 is a credit balance.

Birth Date MM/DD/YYYY (MM and DD are required)

Gender Female, F, Male or M. **Defaults to Unspecified.

Membership ID

Note 1,000 alpha-numeric characters maximum

All fields to be imported must be included in a single file, one client per row. Columns may be in any order. Additional columns may be included, but will be ignored.

If you need assistance please contact our excellent support team at 800.766.4778 x2. They will also assist you in getting your files transferred to us for import.

Caution: It is not recommended for you to import your own clients into Beacon because doing so would leave several flags not set; PIN numbers for online booking, opting out of emails and rewards participation to name a few. These and others would have to be set manually for each client after the import was completed.

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