STX Beacon: Worker Goals

Setup Worker Goals

To set Goals for staff members / workers, go to Setup > Setup Workers > Worker Availability and Goals

When the Worker list appears, click the Worker Name hyperlink of the worker for whom you wish to set goals.

Go to the Goals tab of the Worker record.

Make a selection from the Goals drop-down menu.

All Active Goals calculations will be listed.

  • Select a Start Date for the Goals calculation.

  • Select an End Date for the Goals calculation.

  • Enter a Goal Target for the worker to meet by the End Date

  • Add another Goal by clicking the green (+) button.

  • Remove a Goal by clicking the red (-) button.

In order to calculate and update % of Goal information, you must first Save the worker record and then return to the worker’s Goals tab. The Update % of Goal button will appear on the page next to each added Goal.

Click Update % of Goal button to have the Calculated Goal (actual) performance value of the worker and % of Goal information appear.

For example, Service Sales Goal Target for Kymberly is 800.00. 

The Calculated Goal at 775.00 indicates Kymberly has sold 775.00 in Services to date. 

Kymberly's % of Goal indicates she has yet to meet her Goal Target.

Worker Goals Report

Worker Goals - Generate goals reports for All Goals, or an individual goal, for individual Workers.

Navigate to Home > Reports, and click the Worker Goals report.

Select Start Month and Year

  • Select End Month and Year

    • If multiple months and years are part of the date range, the system will display Goals settings for each appropriate time frame within the date range

  • Select Goal To Calculate

    • Select the All option to report on all Goals currently set up in the system

    • Select an individual Goals option from the list to report on the selected Goals

  • Select a Worker 

  • Click the Display Goal Results button to generate the report

The Worker Goals report will automatically display.

Click the Update % of Goal button next to each Goal listed to display the Goal information. 

Calculated Goal: actual worker’s performance for the goal’s start and end dates.

% of Goal: resulting percentage of Calculated Goal divided by Goal Target. 

Worker Dashboard Goals

Each time a Worker logs into Beacon, the Worker Dashboard will appear. 

The Worker Dashboard displays each current Goal calculation as a gauge.

Hover over a segment of the gauge to view the % of Goal statistic. 

Calculated Goal indicates the ‘current’ value compared to the goal target set for the worker.

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