STX Beacon: Gifts

Selling Gifts

The Other tab that appears at the bottom of the ticket detail is used for accepting Deposits, Prepayments, Received on Account, and selling Packages or Gifts. This chapter will cover the Gift function.

Navigating to Check Out from either the Home page, the Tab located beneath the page header, or from the left nav slide-out menu will display a new ticket without a client name, focused on the Favorites tab. 

An immediate NO CLIENT ticket makes it easy to check out a Gift Only ticket.

If you wish to track the Gift purchase on a new ticket for a specific client, click the Search button located at the top of the receipt area.

The client search popup screen will appear, where you can search for and select an existing client, or click the New button to enter a new client.

Click the Check Out List breadcrumb to add a Gift purchase to an existing ticket.

The Ticket will open with the Favorites tab open, which shows the items as determined in the Setup Ticket Preferences page. Go to the Other tab found at the bottom of the ticket to sell a Gift

Enter the Gift Amount and the Gift Number. Both fields are required. Enter the issue date, as it does not auto-populate once the Gift is added to the ticket and the ticket is completed. 

Optional fields are as follows:

• Recipient

• Worker

• Expires

Enter the Recipient name, or leave the field blank if the recipient is unknown.

Enter the Gift Number. The Gift Number can either be from a gift certificate or a gift card. The gift number must be a minimum of 3 digits.

Enter an Amount value in the Gift Amount field.

If necessary, select a date from the Expires date picker.

Click the Add To Ticket button for each Gift you wish to add to the ticket. The side Receipt will display the added items and values. 

To edit or remove a gift from the ticket, click the item in the side Receipt. The Update pop-up screen will appear.

Make the desired changes. 

Click the Update Ticket button to save your changes.

Click the Remove button to remove the item from the ticket.

Click the Cancel button to cancel the updates to the Gift.

Redeeming Gifts

When a client is redeeming a Gift, select Gift Redemption from the Payment tab at the bottom of the page.

Scan, swipe or enter the Gift Number being redeemed.

Click Add To Ticket to add the gift redemption as a form of payment to the ticket.

Click Cancel to cancel adding the gift redemption as a form of payment to the ticket.

Tracking Gifts

Click the navigational tool in the main header found on most Beacon pages. 

Click the Gift Balances option.

Enter, scan or swipe the gift number. If manually entering the gift number, at least 3 characters must be entered. 

Click the Search button. 

If you are searching for an Online Gift which was purchased via Online Booking, all Online Gift numbers begin with OL0 - capital O, capital L and a zero. Enter OL0 in the Number field and click the Search button.

Note: You must be subscribing to the Online Booking feature and have an Online Merchant account entered in Setup > Setup Ticket Preferences in order to sell Gifts online.

All gifts matching the search information will be listed. 

Click Cancel to close the Gift Balances page and return to the Main Menu.

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